Crintell Technologies Disrupts the HR Technology industry by introducing Automation and AI into a Recruiter's Workflow
(Photo : Crintell Technologies Disrupts the HR Technology industry by introducing Automation and AI into a Recruiter's Workflow )

Whether we like it or not, automation has been creeping into our lives for a while now, and the technological shift we are witnessing is unstoppable. There is hardly a single industry that remains resilient to the automating process, as it facilitates better productivity and efficiency. With the ever-growing amount of tasks and data to filter, traditional manpower is falling short and industries are leaning on modern technologies to speed up their operations. It is no different in the HR sector.

Human resources then and now

The human resources sector evokes the image of repetitive and mundane tasks being performed by unmotivated clerks. Indeed, back in the day, that was the case. Historically, HR was geared towards centralizing work and was used to manage the behavior of employees. Here are a few main characteristics of this outdated approach:

  • HR, or the Personnel Department prioritized assisting the company's management.

  • HR was tasked with maintaining authority over employees.

  • The department was not clearly structured or organized.

  • The range of an employee's job was much more narrow

  • The duties of HR workers were limited: they primarily conducted interviews and were minimally interested in employees' personal skills and job experiences.

Nowadays, however, the HR sector has changed dramatically. It has blossomed and adapted into the technologically revolutionized world. The awareness of employees' needs has grown outstandingly and so has the psychological aspect of fruitful cooperation in the workplace. Currently, the primary objective within the HR field is to create a positive work environment where employees feel encouraged and dedicated to their work. Modern HR prioritizes the concept of employee satisfaction and engages in helping workers to develop professionally and attain their goals. Employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions - they are an interactive part of the process, not just another case file, as it used to be. Likewise, the recruitment process itself is no longer as simplistic as in the past. It requires sorting through applications and resumes, making sure that job requirements (such as proper levels of experience and academic background) are being met. This stage consumes approximately 80% of a recruiter's time and, as with any other tedious process, often leads to errors or inefficiency. Another time consuming stage is the common practice of having human resource professionals interview job applicants before they meet their actual managers. 

Need for automation

Needless to say, the HR sector is desperate for a revamp and the implementation of appropriate technology is the answer. In recent years, the industry has been leaning towards automation and AI-driven solutions. HR automation enhances the productivity and abilities of HR departments by freeing employees from monotonous and time consuming manual tasks. This allows them to focus instead on complex tasks, like decision making and strategizing. When standard and repetitive HR activities are automated, companies can reduce their costs and time, as well as meet their goals sooner and with better quality. 

A great example of a company developing and delivering such solutions is Crintell Technologies, founded and managed by Arbind Joseph, a proven business leader and tech enthusiast. Arbind strongly believes that, through smart HR automation, companies can design, optimize, integrate, and apply necessary services smoothly and at a considerably lower cost. HR automation brings tremendous advantages to the entire process. Just to name a few benefits, it:

  • improves productivity, due to quick processing and data sharing

  • reduces employee turnover, due to increased employee engagement

  • is a safe practice, considering compliance risks and policy violations

  • enhances organizational growth, through efficient hiring at optimal operational costs

  • minimizes data entry errors and human mistakes

  • provides more time for intelligent business decisions, typically requiring human skills

Crintell Tech products hold all the aces on the HR market

Crintell Technologies has conquered the market with its flagship SaaS products, designed specifically for the purpose of automating candidate sourcing with the goal to increase recruiters productivity by an incredible 300%. This innovative technology has already saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent on job board resume views - a paid service for every staffing company. It also improved overall efficiency, by reducing the hours necessary for sifting through candidate profiles. Finally, automated shortlisting expedited the process of reaching out to candidates, which was a sigh of relief for recruiters who can now focus on the incoming leads, as opposed to wasting their time with cold calls.

Crintell Technologies stands for comprehensive recruitment intelligence. The products are designed to be user-friendly, simplistic and efficient. The goal is to infuse automation and intelligence at every beneficial step of the recruiting life-cycle. Arbind Joseph took care of every single detail in the quality of his technology. The products are based on his intelligent algorithm, which sorts profiles and ensures that the ideal candidates are always contacted. This, consequently, brings in a lot of positive responses from candidates and secures more hires for a recruitment team. Their products also bring a huge advantage, considering the reality of the post-pandemic labor market. As remote work has become the new norm, Crintell Tech's software has helped employees work as a team, despite being physically dispersed. With automation introduced to HR, companies can now build and leverage the database with less manual intervention and recruiters are able to focus on other tasks. 

Work smarter, not harder

Recruiters workflow has become easier than ever before, thanks to the critical role played by automation. Companies, such as Crintell Technologies, firmly believe in the mantra of "work smarter, not harder". Now, in the light of successfully automating the first phase of the recruitment process, the HR sector now impatiently waits for what comes next. There is no doubt that Crintell Tech will continue to push the agenda on the topic of automation. The company has big plans for further expansion and, as Arbind Joseph states, their next milestone will be to win over big corporations. He and his team are confident that they will be successful due to the technological superiority of their products, competitive prices and most importantly - a deep enthusiasm for problem solving technologies. 

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