accessiBe Promotes Web Accessibility on US National TV with New Ad Campaign ‘The Unstoppable’
(Photo : accessiBe Promotes Web Accessibility on US National TV with New Ad Campaign ‘The Unstoppable’)

After gaining considerable attention online with its innovative approach in enabling web accessibility, Israeli startup accessiBe is expanding its advocacy to enable more inclusive internet access to mainstream media. With its TV ad campaign "The Unstoppable," the company is showing how people with disabilities are not necessarily limited by their disabilities. They can do more when given opportunities.

"People with disabilities aren't limited by their limitations, they're limited by an inaccessible web. They are unstoppable. I am unstoppable. We are unstoppable," says accessiBe Chief Vision Officer Michael Hingson.

The TV ad debuted in the United States on July 12, 2021. The minute-long video ad is notable for being written, produced, and starred by various people with disabilities, from athletes to Broadway performers. Some of the personalities featured in the ad are actress and writer Emily Kranking, amputee motivational speaker Aimee Copeland, and wrestler Kyle Maynard who was born with the condition congenital amputation.

accessiBe Promotes Web Accessibility on US National TV with New Ad Campaign ‘The Unstoppable’

Hingson, as the lead person for accessiBe's TV advertising campaign, takes pride in working in the production of the ad. "I am honored and excited to have worked so closely on the creation of this campaign. In addition to bringing awareness around an important topic, I hope that it also brings a sense of empowerment to members of the community," Hingson says.

Shir Ekerling, Chief Executive Officer at accessiBe, also points out how significant the TV ad is for the goal of raising awareness about web accessibility to wider audiences. "Despite web accessibility being a critical topic, especially as people continue to do almost everything online, conversations around it have not yet entered the mainstream TV world. At accessiBe, we believe this has to change," explains Ekerling.

accessiBe seeks to highlight the importance of making products and services web accessible. "The Unstoppable campaign aims to open the hearts and minds of business owners to acknowledge the importance of web accessibility," Ekerling says.

The company was launched in 2018 with the goal of enabling web accessibility through its proprietary artificial intelligence-driven technology. The company's innovative system allows businesses to quickly make their websites compliant with the guidelines or requirements set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

accessiBe provides a system through which website users can modify the appearance and behavior of pages to suit their specific needs. Through an intuitive widget, users can change the color scheme, font and font sizes, character spacing, orientation, animation, and other aspects of a web page. This ability to implement page changes on the fly allows people with vision, hearing, and motor impairments to make pages look and work according to their needs.

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