Chase Harmer - the Cashback King of the Fintech World Recalls his Journey Through his Startup
(Photo : Chase Harmer )

In this era of accelerated technological progress, fintech has been a digital revolution as it creates a platform that will allow institutions to use the digital framework to make finance more organized and inclusive.

Chase Harmer is the founder of ProfitPay, a fintech innovator and arbitrage creator who is extremely innovative and intensive.

He was inclined towards the business world and accomplished his ambitions through the pure grind, hustle, and believes everyone has their own journey, but the known formula for success seems universal - hard work, dedication to the vision and commitment to the goals in front of you. Chase Harmer decided to create his visions and act on them to turn them into reality, at the age of 28, he landed one of the largest hotel associations and built a portfolio of thousands of properties across the entire US but the association didn't succeed as much as he envisioned so he started building technology so his business could grow and he could offer more value to the businesses he was supporting. So, with no tech experience but constant hard work, he built a team and technology to tie customers to transactions and then became a card issuer and digital banker.

In 2014, he inaugurated ProfitPay, the agency that focuses on the future of the digital economy, creating more value through innovation. The company helps clients with white-glove service since customer satisfaction is a top priority. Since the inception, the company has created an enterprise value of over 300M, to keep customers using the ProfitPay and future fintech possibilities the company had to add more value. He says he is maybe a robot and programmed to accomplish the objective no matter what it takes to reach there.

His life motto is - burn the ships, win or die trying. He says you have a choice in life but people often back off when life takes a test. Only true warriors have the will for creating success from potential disasters. Succeeding is never an easy upward jaunt, to stay in the channel of success focus on solutions, not problems. Keep grinding.

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