Web Design Trends for 2021
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Web Design Trends for 2021

The fast-paced technological advancements are continually evolving the web design industry. Keeping up with the latest web designs trends guarantees you credibility and success in the market. To stay current with new web designs, you need to educate yourself by taking short courses and attending web designers' conferences. You can also surf the internet in search of new developments, read web design design books and magazines. This article outlines web design trends for 2021.

1.    Digital illustrations

Digital illustrations are created using Adobe Photoshop to develop an image that tells a story, brings out an emotion, or sells a concept. Using a creative brief from a client, a digital illustrator generates unique artwork to help pass a message or sell a product. With the help of web design experts like Maze, you can have these digital illustrations created for your website. The benefits of illustrations include:

●      Making your brand stand out

●      Adding fun and humor to designs

●      Saving time by creating complex designs within a short period

Digital illustrations can be applied in:

●      Advertising

●      Commercial products

●      Books and book covers

●      Editorials

●      Storyboards

●      Films and games

●      Toy designs and packaging

●      Fashion and costume design

2.    Video headers

Video headers independently tell your brand story and can be used together with other homepage elements to take brand storytelling to a different level. Below are tips on using video headers:

●      Ensure it resonates with your brand

●      Use high-resolution videos

●      Keep it short

●      Tell a story

●      The video and page text should be in contrast

●      Use the mute by default setting on your videos

●      Incorporate Para scrolling

●      Confirm browser compatibility

3.    Split screen

A split-screen layout divides full-screen elements into two or more vertical sections, and when done correctly, it offers a magical viewing experience. This design perfectly suits minimalist web designs and landing pages as they aren't overloaded with bold elements. The benefits of split-screen web design include:

●      Creating a common experience for mobile and desktop users

●      Creating unique visuals to differentiate web content

●      Making websites visually appealing

●      It falls under-responsive web designs

●      You can apply it to any web theme

4.    Colors that stand out

The colors you choose for your web design are critical in determining feel, target demographic appeal, and creating a unique logo. The colors you incorporate in your plan should:

●      Stand out and please most users

●      Ensure straightforward navigation for average users

●      Appeal to color blind visitors

Here are reasons why colors are beneficial for your web design:

●      Unique colors boost brand recognition by influencing the way people perceive your business

●      CTA buttons with the highest color contrast encourage visitors to convert

●      Colors help you draw attention to areas that you want your visitors to focus on

●      They influence people's feelings about your brand


Website designs play a crucial role in realizing digital marketing goals and needs. Investing in the latest design trends will enable your brand to stand out and give you a competitive advantage over your business rivals. Embracing the trends discussed above will help you scale your online business to great heights.

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