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Legal and political analyst, Kelly Hyman, has recently released her second book called "Build Back Better: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, and Beyond". Having extensive experience in political and legal matters, Kelly Hyman is able to provide a detailed and revelatory overview of the Biden Administration's work and what it means for the present and future of the US. 

Kelly's book is a must-read book for all Americans interested in the future of their country. It is an engaging and informative book that explains politics in a way that both the average American and those interested in politics can understand what the future has in store for America's political situation. 

Who is Kelly Hyman?

Kelly Hyman who has been called by Forbes a modern day Erin Brockovich is a prominent media presence across the US. Her acting career in her early life and her reputation as one of the top attorneys in Florida, as well as her presence in the media as a legal and political commentator, have made Kelly a popular public figure. 

Kelly Hyman has been on the TV screen for almost her entire life. Starting an acting career since she was very young, Kelly Hyman first became a popular public figure thanks to her roles in The Young and the Restless and Getting There. 

After graduating from the University of California with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and receiving a Juris Doctor from the University of Florida College of Law, Kelly Hyman became a very well-known legal professional, especially in Florida. 

Besides that, Kelly is also known for her appearances at news TV shows as a political and media commentator and legal analyst, including Law & Crime, ABC, NBC, CBS Fox News, CourtTV, and Sky News. Plus, Kelly Hyman regularly appears on the Night Court segment on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream on Fox News Channel. 

Kelly Hyman's extensive political experience

This isn't the first time Kelly Hyman engages with political matters. On the contrary. She has extensive political experience, being a political commentator at various TV news channels that explore such topics. Kelly Hyman is very open about her political preferences, and she is a declared Democrat political analyst. 

Her first book, "The Top Ten Reasons to Bump Trump in 2020", is also centered on politics, exploring the reasons why former President Donald Trump could have led to chaos and uncertainty should he have served another term.

After a success with her first book exploring what went wrong with the Trump administration and the former President's actions, Kelly Hyman used her political experience again in her latest book reviewing the Biden administration's words and actions this time.  

Kelly Hyman's latest book

Kelly Hyman's latest book, "Build Back Better: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, and Beyond, " focuses on comparing President Biden's promises during the election campaign against his actual presidential accomplishments from the moment he took over White House. The book also reviews the first one hundred days of the Biden administration at the White House and tries to offer a heads-up for what this period means for the country's political future. 

More precisely, Kelly's book reviews Biden's first moves, including those concerning matters like healthcare, the COVID-19 pandemic response, environmental policy, and gun safety, and what do these moves tell about his campaign promises. Will the Biden administration keep its promises and help the nation move forward? Kelly Hyman's book exposes whether or not the Biden administration started its mandate with the same views it promoted during the elections. 

"Build Back Better: The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration, and Beyond" reviews all actions of the Biden administration, including cabinet appointments, the legislative process of the administration, and the President first issued executive orders. In addition, Kelly Hyman's book will tell you whether or not the first 100 days of the Biden administration at the White House mean that the nation will move forward or will not see the promises made become a reality. 

Kelly Hyman's book has also received some notable editorial reviews from well-known political and legal figures, including Leslie Marshal, democratic strategist, Fox News contributor, radio host, and Elie Honig, former federal and state prosecutor. Both media personalities have appreciated Kelly Hyman's latest book and consider it worth reading. 

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