Join the Eco-friendly Mobility Revolution Upgrading Your Old Bike to a Pedelec With E-rim
(Photo : Join the Eco-friendly Mobility Revolution Upgrading Your Old Bike to a Pedelec With E-rim)

E-rim is a Taiwan-based company that is innovating in the field of mobility. Their vision is to create devices that are adapted to the dynamic lifestyle we have nowadays, making them efficient, smart, and fun to drive. In 2018, they launched their project as a start-up, joined SOLIDYEAR group in 2020, and will make their debut in Q4 this year.

Their product, consisting of a pedal-assist wheel, allows anyone to upgrade from their regular bike to a pedelec, also known as e-bike, which has many benefits. One of the most remarkable features of the device is that it works with AI to analyze the external conditions and feed that information to the motor, which applies electric assistance.

With this device, you won't have to worry anymore about not being strong enough or having enough endurance for a bike trip. E-rim solves the most common issues that cause the most fatigue when biking, such as pedaling uphill. The motor will adjust to work together with you, using the best of technology to enhance your pedaling and allow you to ride those hills more efficiently, faster, and ending up way less fatigued. This may be particularly interesting for those affected by medical conditions that limit their resistance to physical exercise. The device can make it easier for them to ride a bike, while still being considered physical activity.

It is not only the uphill pedaling they thought about. E-rim has an energy saving system that shuts the device down when no effort is required, the case being going downhill. This smart feature that enhances battery endurance makes for longer, better biking trips without being worried that your e-bike autonomy won't resist it.

All of this comes without the hassle of installation, complicated apps, or wires that do not work properly. Another of the advantages of e-rim is that it is so practical that upgrading your bike to an electric hybrid can be done in about a minute, without tools or any technical knowledge, just by replacing your front wheel for the device. Turning it on is as easy as clicking one button, and for only 3 hours of charge, it can take you as far as 45 kilometers.

E-rim is one of the many companies that are joining the revolution of mobility. We have already seen what petrol-fueled vehicles are doing to our environment and our economies. An electric device like this is affordable and eco-friendly, both features that are becoming every day more important in the world we live in.

If you're ready to experiment the freedom of smart mobility, e-rim is just for you. The company is still working on their after-service system to provide the best experience for their customers and will be testing the waters firstly shipping to Germany and Japan. If you're lucky enough to reside in one of these countries, what are you waiting for? Watch out for the product launch in Q4 2021. 

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