5 Great Benefits of Having a Responsive Website
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Web development nowadays most frequently uses responsive web design. It is not surprising as mobile devices generate the majority of traffic on the internet. Because of that, you want to create a website that works efficiently on any screen size in order for your website to be responsive and compatible with any device.

Would responsive web design be useful for your online business? Is it worth the investment? The answer is - most certainly.

In the past, many companies had separate websites for various user agent types. In addition to being very complex, this was time-consuming as well.

The responsive web design eliminates the need to design a separate mobile-compatible site for smartphone users whilst designing your computer website, but rather gives you the leisure to design just one site that automatically scales up or down in order to fit the device it's being viewed on.

How does it work?

Creating a responsive web design involves the server sending the same HTML code while CSS renders the page based on the user's environment. A responsive website makes its content look good regardless of how much space is available on the screen. It performs this task by using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move content. If you do not have any experience with coding, you can use a website editor to help automate this editing process.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why creating a responsive web design can do wonders for your business:

1. It can save a lot of money and resources

It is no longer necessary to have a separate website for mobile devices. All your resources are invested in one platform when you choose a responsive website. Businesses benefit immensely from removing the unnecessary complexities and workload that derive from building multiple codebases, designing separate sites for each type of device, and hosting multiple URLs. In contrast, with responsive web design, you can save a significant percentage of your total investment and use the time you've gained to expand your business in other crucial areas. For smaller businesses working with a limited number of employees, this type of design change can be vital.

2. Google loves responsive designs

Ranking on Google has become increasingly reliant on mobile indexing and responsive web design. Responsive design assists Google's algorithms by accurately assigning indexing properties to each page. It eliminates the extra step of indicating to the algorithm where mobile-specific pages are located.

This saves resources when Googlebots crawl your site. A single Googlebot user agent only needs to crawl your responsive web design page once to fetch all versions of the content, rather than crawling it multiple times.

If you improve crawling efficiency, you can indirectly increase indexing, which will help to keep your website up to date.

3. It provides an awesome user experience

User experience is crucial for website owners. To maintain high traffic levels on your site, you want it to be easy to use and appealing to users. Your site may seem amateurish if visitors view your site on a mobile device and it takes forever to load or you do not have high-quality images.

With a responsive website design, the layout adjusts itself to any viewing device using CSS media queries. It is very simple to change styles according to the target device's characteristics, including screen size, height, and width.

A lot of people don't like to work with amateurs, and you surely don't want to look like one by having a non-responsive site. The ability to view content without constant zooming and scrolling will have a more positive overall impression on your users. Therefore, changing the responsiveness of your design will provide a superior user experience which will help draw more clients to your brand.

4. Every single person now is on mobile

Mobile devices are used by over 90% of the global internet population. It is predicted that mobile ownership and internet usage will increase in the future as mobile technologies become more affordable and accessible. In terms of social media platforms, Facebook remains the most popular. This can be an opportunity for you to take advantage of, since most people who come to your site from social media do so on a mobile device.

But, there are some factors that you have to keep in mind, mobile devices have limited space. Multiple columns can display too much information at once and overwhelm users. Additionally, they have to tap both the scroll bar and the interactive elements with their fingers.

By having a mobile-responsive website, you can tailor these experiences so that your site alters itself while visitors view via their mobile devices.

5. Responsive websites will generate higher sales

Let us understand the quote "a first impression is the last impression". Within the first few minutes of visiting your website, your goal is to make it seem irresistible for them not to purchase your products or services. Human beings tend to make decisions based on emotional factors and then rationalize them afterwards. So, if you fail to give prospective clients an amazing, customized experience when they arrive at your site, they might lose interest and go to your competitor's site.

Having a responsive website design is the first step that you can take towards providing the best online shopping experience. Users usually switch from one device to another in order to accomplish an online task like making a purchase. The businesses that offer the smoothest online experience across all platforms will more likely generate stronger brand sentiment, higher engagement and ultimately - higher sales.


Without mobile devices, it is hard to imagine life in the modern world. Therefore, it is vital that your website reflects that your business is staying ahead of the curve and in tune with the ever-changing times. Keeping your website mobile-friendly and adaptable to any device is crucial since people are relying increasingly more on these devices in order to access content, interact with it, and connect with others.

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