How HR Leaders Can Improve Global Collaboration with AI
(Photo : How HR Leaders Can Improve Global Collaboration with AI)

The many futuristic inventions that we thought were years away are currently being implemented in today's workplace. As businesses grow globally so does their market and employee base. With that, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has allowed for the augmentation of effective human productivity to reach effortless global collaboration.

AI is effectively revolutionizing the way we work. Promoting our productivity reduces the stress of tasks and communication. On a global scale, it grants easier connection by software ready to translate and communicate through streamlining automation.

New Software Developments

A new development in the global AI space comes from simpleshow , the pioneer platform for products and services around explainer videos, who has created a Smart Language feature now producing 20+ languages with their easy-to-use videomaker . This new roll-out makes it possible for the software to immediately benefit a larger share of users and major business and eLearning markets throughout the world.

CEO of simpleshow, Karsten Boehrs, emphasizes the importance of global collaboration and communication, "simpleshow video maker is the simplest solution we can envision to effectively connect with your audience. Language is no longer a barrier, but simply an individualization option." This new feature is a simple solution to communicate without barriers to coworkers, customers, and stakeholders around the world.

This new development features Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romance Languages, and other European languages on top of their already built-in English and German language features.

Onboarding and decision-making processes become a breeze with explainer videos to replace other presentations! The wide range of newly added languages integrates with their videomaker AI to create simple, sophisticated, and time-efficient videos from boring text to communicate ideas easily to your audience. Created in under minutes, no video editing experience necessary.

AI and Its Role in HR

With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), this has allowed for global connection at our fingertips. We can easily access, train, and translate into different languages all at the click of a button.

How HR Leaders Can Improve Global Collaboration with AI

This can help to grow HR leaders by evolving with their workplace by working with AI technologies to make tasks such as internal and external communication, onboarding, and recruiting easy to facilitate no matter the language!

Based on research by Bersin by Deloitte, nearly 40% of companies are using some form of AI in HR alone. That same study states that 33% of employees expect that their jobs will become supplemented by AI shortly.

These numbers prove that AI is expanding rapidly, not taking over the job of the HR department but creating pathways to expand on a company's bigger picture. Experts estimate AI will add between$7.1 trillion and $13.17 trillion to the global economy by 2025.

These pathways could look like automating your meetings and emails, polishing your writing skills through an app, and creating videos to replace mundane powerpoints in less than minutes! This adaptation makes you and your company shine, creating more relationships with other global companies and talented international recruits.

Adapting your Current Workflow

In her article, "The Future of Work: The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources", Author Jeanne Meister, highlights how current HR leaders are developing and experimenting with AI to create value for their departments and companies.

And there is plenty to adapt AI into your current workflow. Using a videomaker to substitute PowerPoint presentations into engaging minute videos, or software to automate meetings and email, creates more time for your other important work priorities.

According to a report by Harris Interactive and, AI adopters are 19% more successful in reducing the time HR spends on administrative tasks. This time-saver makes sure that machines handle automation while you and your team can focus on bringing new ideas to life.

Laetitia Vitaud, a researcher on the Future of Work & Consumption, wrote in her publication,  "Can AI Put the 'Human' Back into Human Resources?", exemplifying how AI "provides a unique opportunity to redefine HR and give it increased relevance."

What does AI mean for the Future Workplace?

AI is an innovative way to get things done without the mental or physical energy to do so. It constantly creates, automates, and simplifies workplace tasks to help you perform better in the office.

Use these tools to your advantage! Going digital enhances your productivity and the efficiency of your company.

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