All the Use Cases of $STUD, Future Functionalities, and Staking
(Photo : All the Use Cases of $STUD, Future Functionalities, and Staking)

"Our mission is to connect all students across the globe with our educational platform, based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology." Igor Dyachenko

It is often heard that students are the backbone of the economy as the future rests on their shoulders. Education helps to shape the brilliant minds of students and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in life. However, more often than not, education becomes a privilege that not everyone can afford.

In several nations, due to underfunding, higher education has become unaffordable for students, robbing them of the opportunity to make a change. And while online courses and local colleges are relatively more affordable, they are riddled with inefficiencies. The majority of e-learning platforms deliver knowledge passively in a generic style of teaching. Needless to say, most students cannot benefit from such an approach.

Studyum comes as a solution by becoming "an education platform of the future for the future." It offers personalized courses and helps students retain information, hone their skills, and stay focused. It integrates blockchain technology and smart accounts to add accountability and ensure students are learning. 

The idea behind Studyum

Studyum was created after thorough research of over 15 years. The founders of the platform, Igor Dyachenko and Aleksander Gajic, have put in the effort to understand the problems in the education industry and develop a blockchain-powered solution. It is a unique project that offers:

  • A superior teaching method that focuses on stimulating the formation of new neural connections;

  • A virtual learning platform that uses Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to improve learning outcomes;

  • Original 3D content created within the ecosystem;

  • Lessons divided into micro-lessons for better comprehension;

  • A reward system to incentivize learning;

  • Deep-learning technology to give personalized and student-specific content;

  • Customized practice environment created within the app for the students;

  • Virtual smart-chat celebrity coaches who interact with the students to understand their preferences;

  • A blockchain-powered solution that utilizes cryptography to keep financial transactions and data secure;

  • STUD tokens to incentivize participation and encourage continuous learning regardless of the setting. 

STUD token

STUD token is Studyum's smart contract utility token that will reward students and educators for their performance milestones and, as such, support learners on their path to self-development. Students can receive STUD for learning, managing, and trading using Studyum's DeFi partner platform. Students will receive the token when they perform activities such as:

  • Watching video content;

  • Achieving high marks on exams;

  • Finishing a lesson;

  • Beating a personal record;

  • Beating a community record;

  • Inviting friends to join the platform;

  • Completing projects;

  • Providing other learners and the platform with feedback. 

There are three ways of receiving rewards:

  • Instant Payment: Rewards for completing tasks such as watching videos, following projects, submitting projects, beating records, etc;

  • Scaled Payment: Rewards for finishing each lesson and scoring above 85%, which will offer higher rewards compared to the previous method;

  • Retroactive Payment: Studyum will incentivize the growth of the community by offering a referral bonus of 1% of all tokens the referrer earned once their friend enrolls. 

Staking and Future Functionalities

Studyum will freeze a portion of the unsold tokens from the IDO pool to use as funding for future possibilities. This method works similar to the staking mechanism where token holders stake a certain amount of STUD to teach lessons. If the teacher does not meet the standards of Studyum, anyone can challenge the proposition of the potential teacher. 

This will help Studyum to ensure the quality of the class and the teacher. If the person challenging the teacher completes the challenge and the proposed teacher is found lacking, the person who challenges will receive the staked tokens from the original candidate. As such,  Studyum will ensure that the teachers are highly competent and the standard of teaching is maintained. 

Studyum is a unique and disruptive platform that will revolutionize online teaching methods and promote crypto adoption during the process. 

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