ClickASnap: The New Image of Social Media
(Photo : ClickASnap: The New Image of Social Media)

Digital photo-sharing apps and platforms are constantly evolving. What started as a way to share updates and images with family members and friends has now become an avenue to reach thousands of people with the click of a button. Photo-sharing platforms have given creators, visionaries, and artists a new way to bring attention to their work.

What often goes unnoticed with popular social media platforms is that there is always a catch weaved into the terms and conditions that users often blindly agree to. Instagram, in particular, profits off users' posts by showing adverts and keeping all of the royalties. Once a post is shared, Instagram has a license to that content and can essentially do anything with it. Companies like Instagram make billions this way, whilst all creators earn is a few likes.

However, there is a solution, and it's called ClickASnap. Founded by entrepreneur, photographer and CEO, Tom Oswald, ClickASnap is an online photo-sharing platform that allows users to monetize their posts. Oswald is a pioneer in the industry, creating the first paid-per-view platform for still image creatives.

ClickASnap averages over one million image views and 10,000 new sign-ups every day. These metrics place them in the top 10,000 websites globally, and by the end of 2021, they aim to be in the top 5000. For every view a user gets on their image, ClickASnap pays them 0.60c. Minimum payouts are $15 and sent to users 24 hours after being requested.

Users can start by signing up with the free version. But, unlike other social media platforms that require extensive data from users upon signing up, ClickASnap only requires minimal personal information to get started. The free version of ClickASnap allows users to browse and upload unlimited amounts of photos with no monetary benefits.

The paid subscriptions range from £2/mo to £6/mo currently. The Ad-Free account (£2/mo) allows users to be compensated for their posts. The Seller account (£4/mo) enables users to have all the benefits of the Ad-Free account, plus the ability to sell their photos as thousands of products delivered across the world. Lastly, the Pro Seller account incorporates features from previous paid versions and more, such as custom watermarks, front page features, automated social media marketing, and unlimited cloud storage.

The marketplace on ClickASnap allows users to sell their prints, be featured in relevant photography categories, license their photos with no royalties collected, and create private galleries. It also highlights featured sellers with Pro Seller accounts and allows free downloads which are made available by users.

Oswald intended for ClickASnap to be a safe space for users, where they remain the sole, licensed owners of their content, can make money, and gain exposure. This development has reshaped the photography and social media industry by giving control back to the users, where it belongs.

ClickASnap has built-in features on the website that do not allow print screen functionality, preventing other users from saving content that does not belong to them. ClickASnap enforces ownership rules rigidly and will remove a post immediately if it belongs to someone else.

Oswald integrated a brand new Automated Marketing System into ClickASnap, allowing them to share their posts across Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Posts can be scheduled to be re-posted at high engagement times for additional exposure and income. This integration was made possible after immense success since its launch in 2016.

Oswald is always looking for different ways to improve the user experience on ClickASnap. By solving significant issues in the social media industry and allowing photographers to earn an income even faster than before, Oswald is changing the landscape through innovation.

There will always be pros and cons within social platforms. But ClickASnap has proven that by catering to users and not exploiting their art and personal data, the pros can outweigh the cons. ClickASnap serves as an excellent example of how a platform can benefit both users and business owners alike and gives hope for the future of social media.

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