The idea is to make things simpler. With vast complications and technical coding requirements to create a streaming platform, it's no wonder that most people shy away from the thought of creating an OTT or IPTV business.

Suppose you've entertained the idea of creating your IPTV or OTT Platform  (maybe something like Netflix) but have been overwhelmed with the complications that go into even designing how the platform would work. You need a company that provides the perfect OTT platform simplified for both the company and the users. From interface all the way to OTT monetization, that process is simple; users will only need shy of 24 hours to get started.


Before setting up an IPTV business, there are a few things you must look into:

  • Servers

  • OTT monetization

  • Transcoder Solutions

  • UI/UX

  • Middleware Integration

  • Security

You need solutions for these particular complications when it comes to setting up your IPTV or OTT platform for the following reasons.



Setting up a server is already complicated enough, but when it comes to SSAI or Server Side Ad Insertion, this is where most startup streaming companies encounter problems. The SSAI allows users to run video ads at run time, allowing for more tailored ads based on the users' IP addresses.

The SSAI technology also eliminates ad blockers allowing the company to increase its monetization without being too pushy. Our carefully crafted platform provides the business with the perfect OTT monetization approach without being pushy.


OTT Monetization

This platform is also a really good end-to-end solution for those companies that want to launch under a more flexible business model. AVOD, or Advertising-based Video on Demand feature, allows certain hybrid business models to introduce a subscription-based approach.

The IPTV business can choose to provide OTT monetization through ads and remove those ads for paying subscribers. If you're following the thread, you're probably thinking, "all I have to worry about now is the content," and you're not wrong.

Transcoder Solutions

Uploading is usually the tricky part. But with this business solution, the transcoding process has been simplified to a simple "upload and play" solution. All users need to do is to follow this process:

  1. Gather your content

  2. Transcode the content with the Setrix system (capable of transcoding 33 HD Live Streams running on 1080/30 and 55 SD Streams running on 720x476)

  3. Deliver the content to your network without interruptions

  4. Toggle the main menu, interface, and other customizations

  5. Customize the way the apps function (colors, logos, branding, etc.)

  6. Launch the platform

Making your own OTT / IPTV business has never been easier.



As mentioned earlier, the customization features are quite vast. UX is one of the winning features that create a strong user base. The same is true with the UI. With other streaming services offering already user-friendly streaming solutions, the challenge is to make the OTT platform easier to use and drive engagement.

A lot of major applications are stripping off certain unnecessary functions and focusing on the essentials. And streaming platforms should be customizable to how the IPTV business wants to work.


Middleware Integration

Complicated codings are not required to create an OTT platform. Users need only pick out and edit specific offerings. Your middleware should already be integrated with various software to help users edit content, interface, EPG, and more with simple "one-click" solutions.

Users can choose between wanting to offer everything and wanting to offer just the "bare essentials." The changes can then be easily updated and published just in case some features have to be edited in or out later on. There is no need to read through a long string of code to change features.



One bad hack could have an enormous effect on the businesses' reputation, and this is why everything is ensured with leading security technology to make sure the content and the users remain safe.

Cybersecurity in any online service is very important, especially in an IPTV business that can be categorized under the entertainment, educational, or even corporate industry. It is important to keep the content and users' information safe. 

Integration into different devices

Building an IPTV business that only works on desktops is limited. An OTT platform should be well integrated for phone and tablet use as well. No matter the device, Smart TV apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, or other possible applications, a custom interface should take care of the hassle of redesigning and structuring the OTT platform for any specific device.

There's also the choice of an STB or Set Top Box, physical hardware that connects the user to the middleware to access TV or VOD. Setplex's flagship SP210 can be utilized for a more hardware-oriented target audience.

About Setplex

Setplex is known for specializing in overall end-to-end solutions for OTT and IPTV offerings. The company enables cable, internet TV operators, satellite, and broadcast with a hefty list of offerings that come at flexible payment points from hardware to software. 

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