Advancements In Tracking Technologies
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As online shopping increases every year, it calls for the use of advanced technologies that evolve to make online deliveries and online shopping convenient, stress-free, and reliable for the customers.

So the investors are continuously investing to make the tracking facilities smarter and more efficient to provide the maximum amount of information to the customers. This enhances the services providers' and customers' mutual relationship and trust level. 

We observe quite a drastic transformation in this area of technology as well. Courier services, in past days hardly bothered to state that the parcel is posted and that was the only information provided. 

But today, miraculous changes can be noticed in high-tech courier services like 4px tracking New emerging technologies ensure smarter tracking and efficient delivery. Following is an account of the advancements in tracking technologies.

Improvements In The Tracking Technology

Effective Communication:

As we peek into the past, we see unsatisfied customers stressing about the whereabouts of their expected parcel. They hardly used to get information on inquiring about the parcel. And the bad part was that the customer service was helpless as well they were clueless about ways to satisfy the frustrated customers. And the procedure was hard at both ends. 

But today advancement in technology has made communication easier and effective. The customers are continuously notified about the important details of their parcel, either through emails or other sources of communication.

Efficient Procedures:

Logistics companies are constantly working to improve the tracking technology and investment of time and money is yielding improvement so swiftly that the customers can now completely track a 2 hours delivery procedure at all stages of those 120 minutes. This sounds unbelievable but customers' approach to information about their parcels is gradually increasing with advancements in technology.

Improvement Through Feedbacks

As the drastic changes make their way into customer service, at a point customers find themselves unfamiliar with the new technologies. So is the case with tracking systems. The companies are putting in continuous effort in order to bring the best out of their technology and systems. They prefer taking customer feedback as guidance to analyse what ways of parcel tracking are more convenient for the users and what are the required improvements to take it a few steps further. For example, according to the Annual Retail survey 2018 , it was found out that over 58% of people are extremely happy with the tracking system of their parcels.

Smart Apps:

For a few years now, since everything is right in your hands, just a few touches away, so should be your parcel tracking systems. And we're glad that the tracking services understand this quite well. Tracking services have been investing a lot of time and staff to design smart applications to run on your cell phones so that no matter where you are, whether at a family dinner, office or a friends' party you can just open your app to track the parcel anywhere and everywhere. 

The Future of Tracking Systems

Observing how swiftly the tracking systems have been taking turns lately, we are expecting more advancements in future for sure. Discussions are taking place regarding the automation of parcel delivery in future. Automation of this practice shortly in the rural areas can prove to be cost-effective but its introduction is more likely to take place in urban areas first. 

Another idea for advancements in future is the introduction of drones for the very purpose. Moreover, it's still under discussion that in case of its introduction will it be easily traceable? There are many questions regarding the practicality of these ideas. But we really expect innovations to make their way into this service to make it even smarter in the future 

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