The true ingredients for success are hard work and passion; as Steve Jobs once said, "People with passion can change the world for the better." An individual with an aim and passion for changing the world and the guts to achieve it are often the ones who change the world. However, it is no easy task, and it might take years to achieve this feat or even forever.

But that is not the case with Sahil Arora, who achieved various feats at the young age of 22 and recently became the 6th most influential cryptocurrency entrepreneur globally. This is not the case where hard work and determination change a person's path from failure to success, as Sahil Arora was always destined for success, as evident from his early years. 

While Sahil Arora has an extraordinary will and work ethic, what made him one in a million was his superior intellect. Starting as a game creator at the early age of 10, he became one of the most sought-after persons in the competitive crypto space, inspiring several budding Indian entrepreneurs. By the age of 19, found his passion in crypto and blockchain. 

"Some people are born genius and some have to work at it." 

Sahil Arora does not conform to this restrictive ideology. His effort and determination are what brought him success at a young age. Sahil considers his life to be a journey, and entrepreneurship, his vehicle driving him towards his vision. Being a tech-savvy person on the lookout for the latest trends, cryptocurrencies resonated with his ideology and caught his attention. 

The next step for Sahil Arora was launching Zelaa, a large ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related platforms and products. One of the platforms of Zelaa, ZelaaPay, is a staking platform that helps users earn passive income by using their existing crypto assets. ZPAYae is building a faster and smoother financial network with increased security and inspiring millions of Indians to participate in this lucrative industry. 

In mid 2020, months before Beeple sold its renowned NFT for $69 million, Sahil had already sniffed opportunity and moved forward to developing Firdaos - an NFT marketplace for the music and real-estate industry, and FansForever, a decentralized marketplace that connects creators to their fans. Both platforms are empowering new creators and simplifying lifestyle aspects, allowing the leyman to enter the decentralized world. Sahil has not only been a visionary in the NFT space, but also, a consumer. He gained immense popularity on his famous NFT bid by world renowned artist, "The Weekend''. The translation was retweeted by the award winning musician himself, to his audience of over 15 million users. 

ZelaaPay, Firdaos and FansForever operate together to create unique solutions and existing use cases. The projects have caught the eyes of large influencers, media and retailers across the region, who are finding ways to integrate cryptocurrencies in society today. Together, the companies will pave the way for crypto mass adoption in the UAE.

A large contributor towards Sahil's success has been his involvement, network, and partnerships with several famous artists such as Soulja Boy, Tyga, Lindsay Lohan, Neyo, and many more. His social media influence, of over half a million followers, includes leaders in the industry such as ​​Changpeng Zhao, Jao Okex, Justin Sun and so on. Sahil Arora has established himself as a leading entrepreneur despite his young age. Being a Peter Thiel Foundation 2016 participant and a Draper University Alumni, much is expected from him. Evolving and keeping up with the trends have always been Sahil's priority, making him the man he is today. "We have been moving at lightning speed and have come a long way in such a short time. My goal is to help UAE's vision in creating a digitized economy and we are utilizing the best technology, team, and resources to achieve that."

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