Everything around us is evolving; the world has changed a lot in the last ten years with the rise of blockchain technology. Blockchain brings a decentralized revolution in almost every industry. Art became the latest to witness transformation with its NFT boom!  

NFTs have gained popularity quickly to become a hot topic even beyond the blockchain community, so much so that even it's grabbed the spotlight in famous shows like Saturday Night Live - as Eminem's 2002 hit 'Without Me' was explained in the sketch. Popular comedian Pete Davidson also created parody music videos explaining NFTs that were broadcasted on NBC with more than 3 Million views worldwide! 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens recorded on blockchain that assigns a digital asset a unique certification protecting it from duplicacy.  

While there was a misconception about the NFTs that they're only limited to the art world, the reality is far too different. NFT represents everything unique. There are many established brands in the NFT market, including the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Sotheby's auction house.

The gaming industry can offer players the opportunity to have a personalized gaming experience with NFTs. NFTs have their use-case in various applications, including games, art, music, video games, entertainment and more. They can also be reused in any application that requires a high level of security, transparency, privacy, security, and transparency. The features offered by NFTs make it a perfect match for the gaming industry.

CoinFantasy: The New Dawn of NFT and Fantasy Gaming Industry

With the expansion of NFT use cases, think of a union within Non-Fungible Tokens and the Fantasy gaming universe. Sounds fascinating. Of course, CoinFantasy is manifesting both sides of how it is done by implanting a popular gaming niche into the NFT one. Depending on how well both worlds work, this idea should have been around for a long time. The fantasy gaming universe allows users to play, predict and win rewards. Users collect or create digital assets, highlighting that the union of two worlds is a match made in heaven. CoinFantasy turns this fantasy into reality by launching "World's first decentralized fantasy gaming platform for financial markets using NFTs".

CoinFantasy has incredible gaming features which allow users to play and earn on a gamified platform. The platform enables users to participate in a fair and decentralized space and show their crypto skills by predicting digital assets. The Coin Fantasy ecosystem has NFTs scattered around that can be claimed while exploring the virtual universe. 

CoinFantasy's NFT launchpad enables players to issue and mint NFTs. However, to issue NFTs, users are either required to stake a certain amount of the platform's native token, cFantasy or an active player having consistent performance on the platform. There will be two types of NFTs available for sale on the NFT launchpad: Minted based on consistent performance and Mega Pool NFTs. The NFT holders will be entitled to some exclusive rights and brownie points which they can use during the running contest and game and ensure their winning chances.

Minted NFTs: NFT mints in bronze, silver and gold categories, depending on the percentage of wins and the number of games played.

Mega Pool NFTs - The Mega NFT pool is exclusive slots for organizers to host mega prize games where the prize amount would be over $1 million. The Mega Pool NFT holder will get access to host Mega Pool contests.

Bottom Line

Coin Fantasy acknowledges the importance of transparency and fair play, and hence it is based on the ethics of blockchain and decentralization. The platform brings the evolution in the fantasy gaming sphere, where the vision is to get mass adoption by educating and onboarding new users to the DeFi and blockchain world through gamification.

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