The most creative healthcare companies nowadays incorporate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into their service.

Many startups have been gradually shifting into health technology, so those in need will benefit from the advancement of innovation in the medical field.

For now, let's get to know some of the healthcare startups, which have been devising the most updated AI systems to date. 

Top 10 Healthcare Startups in the Field of AI

Top 10 AI Healthcare Startups For 2021
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Here are the most creative AI startups which focus on healthcare improvement this year.

According to the latest list from CB Insights, the world is currently composed of 100 AI startups that cover a lot of specialization from science to virus modeling.

So much for this part, we will only focus on the healthcare industries where the notable firms have been slowly recognized.

So far this year, we have seen many starting firms engaging in AI. The tech analysts have already decided on the line-up for the most innovative AI startups in the healthcare industry.

Here they are:


This AI startup has been gaining popularity across the United Kingdom through its AI technology, which makes use of psychology-based apps.

The main goal of the startup is to strengthen the mental health campaign amid the pandemic.


Back in 2017, Radiobotics, this European startup established its "augmented intelligence" trademark.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, this emerging firm has already won the Danish Chamber of Commerce award brought by its X-ray analyzer AI. 


Pharmaceutical companies are everywhere, but Owkin, a French-American startup, integrates AI into healthcare. It has the so-called Owkin Connect that allows the collaboration between the researchers and other people.


This startup relies on machine learning to develop new drugs.

6. Lottie 

Lottie is the world's first AI-powered care home marketplace. As well as vetting every care home that comes onto the marketplace, Lottie's search engine uses the data collected to predict a new customer's best-matched care homes, in terms of care services, amenities and price point, based on the search criteria entered and the actions of past users of Lottie.


According to Healthcare Global, this startup is focused on dental treatment using data science and computer vision with the assistance of AI.


Capturing video data is what Theator does during surgical procedures. Through the use of computer vision and AI, this startup has been enhancing what surgeons can accomplish during the operation.

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Unlearn AI conducts many simulations using virtual patients. At the moment, the San Francisco-based startup can forecast how Alzheimer's Disease progresses in a patient through machine learning. 


Recursion is a startup that specializes in AI in the field of chemistry and biology. Last year, it created new solutions to treat heart, lung, kidney, and tissue conditions.


Clinical decision-making is what makes Caption Health one of the best AI healthcare startups at the moment. It has become known for its development of ultrasound technology.

After reading this list, one might think about how AI can affect the health insurance industry.

Apart from the mentioned AI healthcare innovations, Google has also a set of health tech-focused AI. The latest is an AI tool for dermatologists.

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