Millennials and Gen Z's Finding Their Way to PocMon
(Photo : Millennials and Gen Z's Finding Their Way to PocMon )

Data shows nearly 50% of millennial millionaires have at least 1/4th of their wealth in virtual currency while Gen Z, the "digital native" generation, enjoy investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meme investments and virtual currencies. 

PocMon's decentralized NFT ecosystem aims to drive younger generations, who spend most of their time swiping on screens, to dive deeper into the world of unique artworks and blockchain gaming assets. 

PocMon's Unique Offerings Ushering Gen Zs and Millennials: 

PocMon's unique gaming ecosystem will enable users not only to discover, mint and trade NFTs on the marketplace, but also play games, create and open lootboxes, buy never-before-seen gaming NFTs, and participate in charity auctions, altogether completely redefining the world of decentralized gaming.

According to the PocMon team and its website, the roadmap contains a fully functional marketplace, the launch of an NFT store, Lootballs and PocDex. The latest developments mark the launch of stage 1 of the NFT marketplace, which only allows users to mint NFTs. PocMon has set guidelines for whitelisted artists to submit forms and get featured with their artworks on the platform. You can apply for it here

As PocMon is community-driven, users can choose charitable organizations they want to be involved in, encouraging more people to contribute to PocMon's social responsibility and vision. 

The native $PMON token can be found on PancakeSwap and leading exchanges like,, and Big. One. Each transaction incurs a 10% fee, with 5% redistributed to existing holders. The rest becomes a PancakeSwap liquidity pair. It is advantageous for holders to receive 5% passive rewards, and rest assured there's adequate liquidity. 

What is in the Pipeline: 

Overview of the road map and benefits + USP of a fully functional marketplace 

According to the PocMon team, "future development will ensure NFTs are interoperable, whereby they can be minted on various blockchains and transferred via the marketplace".

A fully functional marketplace will incorporate a plethora of features with several operational and technical benefits. These include:

- Meme minting station to mint meme NFTs and Cards. 

- Buyback function 

- Charity auctions, where funds collected via selling special NFTs will go directly to charitable organisations.  

-Interoperability: the development will continue to ensure that in the future NFTs can be minted on several blockchains or transferred to different blockchains via the interface of PocMon Marketplace. 

Smart mechanics around the token involve the NFT Marketplace, NFT Store, Lootballs and PocDox. Additionally,  analytical information on NFTs will enable users to be ever closer to the above four elements. 

PocMon aims to distinguish itself from the Rarible/Opensea. Launching on the BSC, with transaction parsing and the ability to see NFT ownership history and analytical information about NFT's contract activity.

A fully functional marketplace will be an infrastructure that will imply several hot features under its roof such as the NFT Store and Marketplace, Lootballs, lotteries, PocDex and more.  

Being the first ecosystem built around its native $PMON token, PocMon will also be the first marketplace with a unique buyback functionality feature! 

Why should you Invest in $PMON: 

Benefits as investors or $PMON token holders. 

The PocMon team has laid out a comprehensive roadmap on its website

The company is within its development stages implementing the launch of a fully functional marketplace, buyback functionalities, partnerships, PocDex and more. 

What makes $PMON lucrative for investors is its upcoming diverse and unique portfolio to an upcoming series of future launches, notwithstanding the 5% passive rewards for its users. 

$PMON can already be found on Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap. Investors can easily chart the token's growth as the PocMon team begins to launch its robust array of products and seals key partnerships, inevitably driving up the token's value.

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