How to Check if a Website is Down
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Do you know how to check if a website isn't working for your team, or the entire world? If you're a web or application developer, it's important to have an insight into this information, so you're not missing out on opportunities. If you're a service provider, you also need a good insight into when your websites and applications are up and running, so you can make sure you're delivering on your performance guarantees and SLAs. 

For most people, the easiest way to check when a website is in trouble is to go to an online application where they can enter the name of the website and check its current server status. For business leaders, it's important to have a more consistent way to track the performance of your site, and ensure its continued resiliency over time. Here's what you need to know about checking when your website is down. 

Using Synthetic Monitoring to Track Site Performance

Developers, digital marketers, web hosting providers and IT experts working regularly with websites and online apps use a series of tools to help them monitor the performance of these assets. These often include real-time performance tracking tools intended to enhance and maintain strong end-user experience. CX monitoring tools often fall into two categories: real-user monitoring, and synthetic monitoring. These solutions generally work best when used together, however, it's the synthetic monitoring solution that generally offers support for checking a website's status. 

A synthetic monitoring solution allows you to simulate visitor interaction with an app or site to determine exactly when critical pages and operations stop working correctly. You can use the service to track when an entire website goes down, or when certain pages aren't working like they usually do. The uptime monitoring solution you choose will allow you to check if website is down in a matter of seconds, so you can quickly implement changes to bring the system back online. 

Most importantly, these tools allow you to track whether websites are accessible not just in your local area, but in environments all over the world. After all, your website uses data centers all over the world to connect with potential customers and users. To provide an amazing global experience, you need to be able to monitor site availability from anywhere.

Tracking Site Performance

Synthetic monitoring tools are the best way for business leaders and developers to track whether a website is down for everyone, just one group of people, or a specific set of users in a certain part of the world. You can test your site's available all over the globe in real-time and examine any potential problems with page performance. It's also easy to use your service to examine and optimize the load performance of critical pages too. With synthetic monitoring tools, you can also set up automated systems which send alerts to IT technicians and professionals via SMS or email whenever a website does become unavailable, or a transaction doesn't go through as intended. These instant alerts ensure businesses can jump into action to preserve customer experience and reduce the risk of lost customers in as little time as possible.

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