5 Effective Ways Motorcycle Riders Can Increase Their Visibility
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When riding a motorcycle, especially at night, your visibility is critical, as it enhances your safety on the road. The importance of being seen by other road users and ensuring you have a clear view of the road cannot be stressed enough. The last thing you need is getting involved in an accident as no one saw you coming or you had a poor view of your lane. Here are effective ways for motorists to improve their visibility on the road.

1.    Install LED lights

Generally, motorcycles are at a disadvantage while on the road because of their sizes. Most car drivers are always too concerned about watching out for other vehicles and tend to forget motorcyclists also have a right to way. In addition, most factory headlights are inadequate for night driving. Luckily, these are problems that you can resolve by installing LED lights from XK Glow to make your motorcycle brighter. LED headlights can provide up to 387 feet of vision, giving a motorcycle traveling at 70mph ample time to stop in case there is an obstacle ahead.

2.    Wear high-quality and reflective safety gear

For enhanced safety on the road, always wear high-quality and reflective safety gear. A rule of thumb is to settle for high visibility colors such as yellow and neon orange. In addition, you should consider wearing an airbag helmet for advanced safety.

3.    Install light reflective tape

An affordable yet efficient way of increasing your visibility on the road is installing light reflective tape on your motorcycle. This is a simple to use tool that you can even add to your helmet and clothes if they are not reflective or brightly colored. The tape is as efficient as having extra lights as once it is caught in another car's headlight, it reflects, notifying the driver of your presence.

4.    Avoid blind spots

With reports on distracted driving showing that it is among the leading causes of driving accidents, you do not want to find yourself in a blind spot. Avoid riding behind cars, lingering next to vehicles, overtaking from the wrong side, or taking too long to get into the right lane position. While it is near impossible to avoid blind spots at all times, being alert of your position will help you avoid unnecessary traffic incidents.

5.    Make use of your horn and brakes

Reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that riders are highly vulnerable road users. You should never make assumptions as a motorcyclist by maintaining a high level of awareness at all times. This means always using your horn and brakes as frequently as possible. For example, failure to continuously tap your brakes early can easily get you into a tailgating accident.


The fun of riding a motorcycle needs to be complemented by taking the right measures to protect yourself and other road users. A must-do for your safety is ensuring you are visible at all times, and these tips will help to improve your visibility on the road.

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