Boutique Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Catches Eye of Manhattan’s Elite with Advanced Tech Features
(Photo : Boutique Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Catches Eye of Manhattan’s Elite with Advanced Tech Features)

JULITETE, a boutique, New York City based laundry & dry cleaning company has set themselves apart from competitors with their use of cutting edge technology. In 2014, founder Rechelle Balanzat saw an opportunity to meet the needs of New Yorkers through an app.  JULIETTE picks up, cleans, and delivers clothes within 24 hours with a single tap of a button.  Balanzat's background in technology and finance enabled her to create an experience that made laundry & dry cleaning simple and convenient.

"JULIETTE was designed to sit at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, and technology," says Balanzat.

JULIETTE's target clients are Manhattan residents who are too busy to worry about picking up and delivering their laundry & dry cleaning - let alone, sit around for hours washing & folding clothes.  Multiple celebrities became clients once they saw the simplicity and quality in using JULIETTE.

Balanzat understood and responded to the hustle culture of New York City residents by designing an app for a market that was missing the convenience technology provides.  JULIETTE was one of the first services that offered pickup & delivery through an app.  This allowed JULIETTE to break into the niche market of New York City's elite and scale quicker than the classic brick and mortar approach.

In response to the high demand of their services, Balanzat opened JULIETTE's flagship shoppe in 2017.  The shoppe offered greater quality control while also giving clients a place to come by and discuss their more pressing needs. 

Just this summer, JULIETTE released another update to their technology to further simplify the experience.  Now, customers can continue to take advantage of JULIETTE's service by simply sending a text message.

"Having a pulse on the needs and wants of our clients is crucial.  No one wants to download another app.  No one wants to remember another password" says Balanzat.

Balanzat noticed that people have become app-fatigued.  So she's innovated once again to ensure JULIETTE remains a leader in the laundry & dry cleaning industry.

The new feature removes the hassle of having to download another app and create yet another username and password to remember. 

Clients can put in a request through the new feature or by simply sending a text message. Wherever they decide to go, their experience will be one and the same. 

"We are a hybrid company," says Balanzat, "I've married technology with the antiquated industry of laundry & dry cleaning."

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