Carrier-locked iPhones are the hardest to bypass. In some situations, a SIM card must be changed while traveling abroad to remain connected. The hassle here is that people would get carrier-locked phones when buying their devices as part of a postpaid plan with telecommunications providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more.

With users not getting as many options when they want to buy new smartphones under bundles, this is where external tools and software come to mind. They provide great hacks and answers to one's problem without needing technical expertise or having it serviced by others.

There are lots of software available to unlock the SIM Card of an iPhone, but not everything you see on the internet is trustworthy or a bang for the buck.

What is iToolab SIMUnlocker

iTooLab SIMUnlocker

Searching for a software or service would lead one to stumble upon iToolab  SIMUnlocker, and this is one of the most trusted brands in bypassing the SIM card restrictions there is to a device. Note that this review is centered on the iPhone or iOS, and would focus on the process for the Apple devices, especially as they are the harder device to unlock or access.

The software is available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, and certainly for macOS 10.10 or later.

Ever received prompts or popup messages regarding SIM lock issues such as "SIM Card Not Valid", "SIM Not Supported", "Unsupported SIM," or others? Well, iToolab  is here to answer all of that, and prevent these things from ever appearing on one's smartphone.

Why? Well, it only aims to give users a chance to enjoy the limitless boundaries of using a smartphone, without carrier locks that restrict people from doing so. It can unlock an iPhone's SIM Card reader, so it may unlock an iPhone from any carrier, regardless of the brand or company.

Key Features of iToolab SIMUnlocker

- Unlock iPhone SIM card

- Fix iPhone SIM lock issues such as "SIM Card Not Valid", "SIM Not Supported", "Unsupported SIM".

- Available for all carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more

- No data loss

- Get rid of SIM card lock permanently

- Free upgrade and customer service

As seen above, there are a lot of features that users would get when using the SIMUnlocker from iToolab , and it does not stop at unlocking the SIM card of an iPhone.

It also protects the device so that it would not lose any of the data that is embedded on the SIM Card, or the iPhone; Other products or processes have led to the deletion of some files or important items in one's device, but this is something iToolab  ensures not to affect.

What is more helpful here is that the SIMUnlocker would also help in getting rid of a carrier lock on one's device permanently.

This means that no more worrying about a period of time where the lock would come back, as it would completely erase the traces of any SIM Card restrictions, as put by network companies.

Available Phones for Unlocking using iToolab SIMUnlocker:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S

How Does iToolab's SIMUnlocker Work? How to Do It?

iToolab 's software has three easy steps to unlock a carrier-locked iPhone and make it available to read almost any SIM out there, even foreign ones when traveling to a country.

The three steps include:

  • Step 1, Connect Your iPhone to Computer
    iTooLab SIMUnlocker
    iTooLab SIMUnlocker
  • Step 2, Jailbreak with built-in Checkra1n
    iTooLab SIMUnlocker
  • Step 3, Confirm the info and unlock
    iTooLab SIMUnlocker
    iTooLab SIMUnlocker

Those three steps are easy, provided that you know how to jailbreak iPhones prior to this, as it is an integral process one needs to continue with this tool. It can go as far as unlocking a Verizon-locked iPhone, without the need to pay it off.

Users only need to ensure that they have the "Find My iPhone" turned off and that the passcode to lock the device is turned off.

Note that if your device is blacklisted, it might not be possible to use the tool and unlock your carrier problems, as it is out of the features and capabilities of iTooLab's SIMUnlocker.

Pros and Cons of iToolab SIMUnlocker


  • Unlock 100% successfully
  • Support all operator networks.
  • Permanently unlock.
  • You can unlock it by yourself at home, with no professional operation
  • It only takes a few minutes to unlock
  • Affordable price


  • Requires a Jailbreak

The list of pros certainly outweighs the cons of the iToolab, and its only downside is, it needs a jailbreak for the unlocking to work. Jailbreaking means that you are out of Apple's iOS coverage, meaning that the device would not be able to be upgraded to the latest iOS.

However, that is not as much of a problem for users, as the need to use other SIM cards or carriers, is more important than the small features added to the OS. Think of this as a compromise.

However, Jailbreaks nowadays help in bringing said features, even outside Apple's reach, as technology has evolved into a more practical jailbreak approach.

iToolab SIMUnlocker Pricing

Users need not pay a lot for this SIMUnlocker, and it is certainly more affordable, and cheaper than paying off a device to have it unlocked or going to a technology professional. There are several deals that users can avail themselves of, and it would depend on the type of usage they require.

1-Month Plan: $ 19.95

1 Year Plan: $24.95

Lifetime Plan: $39.95

For as low as $19.95, users can have the chance to unlock their phones and the iPhones of their family or friends. As said earlier, users need not pay for costly services on things they can do on their own, particularly with iToollab's SIMUnlocker.

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