Nancy Mello The Animal Communicator Who Works Hand in Hand with Veterinarians
(Photo : Nancy Mello The Animal Communicator Who Works Hand in Hand with Veterinarians)

The work of a veterinarian or an animal rescue centre is incredibly taxing emotionally and is severely undervalued in our modern society.  These selfless individuals work in high-stakes environments to save our precious pets in times of need.  And they put everything else aside to care for and find solutions to a wide range of animal problems.  But sometimes science just isn't enough to help our furry friends.

In many instances, there just aren't any answers that are immediately apparent, and we need something more to figure out exactly what is going on.  That's where a skilled animal communicator can be incredibly helpful.  Nancy Mello, an experienced psychic and animal communicator from Connecticut, has built a very successful business around bringing her intuition and special skills to the table in finding and communicating with pets of all types.

Over the past few years, she has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people get to the core heart of what was ailing their pet in ways that science itself just couldn't unearth.  Her ability to communicate with animals of all kinds has shone a light into the hearts and souls of these wonderful creatures, helping them to have a voice for the very first time.  This has been an invaluable asset for these veterinarians because it gives them another angle at which to tackle the challenge in front of them and gives them insights that just weren't possible beforehand.

In fact, this work has been so transformative for Mello, that she actually does it for free.  She has partnered with a range of different centres and offers free assistance when needed because of how much good it does in those local communities.  She knows that her private consultations are the bread and butter of her business, and they can subsidize this important work that she loves so much.  It's her way of giving back to the community and sharing her gifts with an even wider audience.

Partnerships like this represent an exciting opportunity for the psychic industry to break its shackles and integrate itself into mainstream society in a way like we've never seen before.  Practitioners like Mello are changing the game in this respect and proving that there is merit to these skills and, when paired with science, they can be extremely valuable.

You only have to look at the community she's built to see what a difference her work is making in in the lives of people (and their pets) across the world.  Her business continues to grow from strength to strength on the back of word-of-mouth across social media, breaking the stigmas of the past, and showing how you can build a great business when you over-deliver value for your clients.

If you were to look at this with a purely business mindset, you'd see a savvy business model that allows Mello to scale her operations through the right partnerships and connections.  But the truth is that this is passion-led.  Her desire to help as many people and animals as possible shines through and that authenticity makes her a force to be reckoned with in this industry.  It's only a matter of time until other animal communicators and veterinarians follow in her footsteps.

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