Hendrik Hey, CEO of Welt der Wunder
(Photo : Hendrik Hey, CEO of Welt der Wunder)

Things have remained stable for a relatively long time until recently. Every area of our lives has recorded a certain amount of change, no matter how small. For example, not so long ago, we communicated by writing letters and sending them through postal services; a process that takes anywhere from days to weeks or even months to complete. These days, with advancement in technology and the internet, communication is just a click or a swipe away. The same has happened in medicine, business, agriculture etc.

"The media content industry is not immuned to this wave of technological change that the blockchain technology brings" begins Hendrik Hey, CEO of Welt der Wunder "From  licensing to exchange, the industry is fraught with several anachronistic methods of doing things. Until now, the traditional process required lots of people to travel long distances to organized trade fairs. Now apart from the risks associated with travels, huge costs are expended as many intermediaries are involved thus, making the whole process a tiring one"

With the coronavirus pandemic and its attendant movement restrictions and bans on large gatherings, the loopholes in the traditional media exchange system have been exposed. And as these restrictions don't seem to be going away any time soon, there's a need to look for 'saner' and more sustainable alternatives. Technology has the answer and it is funny how people have not massively moved towards the long overdue change. In fact, the MILC Platform as innovated by Welt der Wunder seems to hold great promise in this regard.

Welt der Wunder is a disruptor in the media content space, owning two nationwide television networks in Germany and Switzerland. Welt der Wunder's television network boasts of 15 million viewers with an additional 12 million viewers online. Its magazine issue is the market leader in the field of German knowledge, having 120,000 circulations per month. With these statistics, it is estimated that the expected advertising revenue of Welt der Wunder will reach Euro 418 million in three years.

In fact, Welt der Wunder is credited for the expansion of content production to the international market and it is also the first organization to achieve a global digital and decentralized content fair through the MILC project.

But what's even more interesting right now is the announcement by Welt der Wunder that it will commence or more accurately, has commenced sales of its security tokens. In full, these tokens are the Media Licensing Token Security (named MLT-S). Investors who buy them buy into the future of Welt der Wunder as they get participation rights, and sales are set to commence on the 16th day of August 2021. The MLT‑S will be issued by Welt der Wunder Sendebetrieb GmbH on the Polygon protocol. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. 

The token provides investors with the opportunity of indefinitely holding equity participation rights of 20% in the first global tokenized fintech media company. This participation right is given in the form of tokens issued by an issuer in a smart contract and each has a nominal value of Euro 1.00. The tokenized Participation Rights are contractual, identically designed claims of which the ownership is inseparably connected with the Tokens representing the Participation Right itself.

To acquire the MLT-S token, one will need to register on the Black Manta Capital GmbH registration site: https://blackmanta.capital/wdw/ and qualify as a professional according to Annex II of the DIRECTIVE 2014/65/EU. Complete registration grants one access to the full investment documentation.

This step is followed by a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance. This process involves information verification on the BMCP GmbH and on the Welt der Wunder GmbH. This helps to confirm that the investor satisfies other suitability requirements. The issuer reserves the right to reject any investment at its sole discretion.

The KYC is followed by the subscription process in which the investor chooses and confirms his investment amount, his preferred payment method and currency. This process is followed by the actual purchase which involves the transfer of funds to the issuer Welt der Wunder GmbH. The accepted currencies are EUR, GBP, CHF, ETH, USD, USDC and USDT. The tokens are transferred to your wallet within three days after the end of the offering period.

Last Words

To explain a bit further, the MILC technology, a subsidiary of Welt der Wunder, is a platform which allows for digital licensing, creation and distribution of media contents. Needless to say, it aims to reduce travels involved and the costs associated with numerous intermediaries in the content production and distribution chain. Costs are reduced up to the tonne of 50% as travels are greatly limited, if not eliminated and the numerous intermediaries like agencies or notaries are done away with. 

Digitizing the exchange process by the MILC platform provides a meeting ground for content producers , buyers and users on the internet. Thus, media content exchange can be carried out from the comforts of homes and offices, and in fact, anywhere on the globe.

The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain technology which guarantees the secure storage of transactions and limits human interference with the process. Again, the platform comes with the reward of community participation and a Governance and Community hub feature which allows token holders to actively participate in the activities of the community.

To put all of this in a simple perspective, Welt der Wunder, the company  behind this innovation nis giving professional investors a chance to own a piece of the project. To be fair, the sales of the MLT-S token is a positive development that any forward thinking person should grab with both hands. Sales starts on 16th of August 2021 and ends in December 2021. Take this opportunity now and be glad that you did.

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