The Right Strategies to Scale your Amazon Business
(Photo : Klaidas Siuipys)

His company 'Shayz Consulting' has been guiding many Amazon sellers to perform to their maximum potential.

Klaidas Siuipys at this age has come up as an entrepreneur who has excelled in his work by providing limitless opportunities to Amazon sellers. With a coherent strategy, Klaidas helps them scale their business resulting in increased revenues. In his twenties, Klaidas shares the lessons he learned from his success and now he is helping many Amazon businesses unleash their potential to reach astounding heights of success. 

The young man from Vilnius, Lithuania, entered the digital arena when he was 16. While working on his parents' company, Klaidas realized that there was huge untapped potential in Amazon. There was not much known about the business and he had to do his own research to master the field. Soon he had grasped what it took to make it huge and clocked 1M USD in sales within a span of two years. That boosted much confidence in him to go ahead and make E-commerce his career. "I had been successful in growing my parents company's sales through my expertise and thought that this can be applied to other businesses too, and amazon was the right place to be in. That's how my journey started and I established  'Shayz Consulting'," says the young talent. 

Today he manages dozens of accounts which he has helped grow from zero to five or seven figures annually. Klaidas states that most of his clients are doing more 7-figures worth of business every year. One of his recent achievements is having helped a client jump their revenues from 50K USD to 1.2M USD monthly, with an impressive 40% profit margin! Besides helping Amazon sellers spruce up their game he also shares his knowledge by speaking about the strategies that have made him so successful at conferences all around the world. He has indeed obtained much success at this young age and is going to head the Amazon business in no time, we're sure.

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