7 Old-School Games You'd Enjoy on Your Phone and PC
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Playing old-school card games like solitaire on your PC or phone improves your cognitive functions, memory, and overall brain health. We jump from spreadsheets to games like SolitaireBrain with the click of our mouse, without realizing that these games are actually good for us.


We often feel guilty about these quick distractions, but research has shown that it's very good for your brain to play a quick game of online solitaire while you are working. It will boost your creativity and stimulate new ideas while giving you a well-deserved break.

7 Types of Online Card Games

Here is a list of the seven most popular old-school card games you can play on your PC or mobile device.


Solitaire is a solo game and requires you to collect cards in sequence and stack them in rows. The online games offer unlimited options and shuffle the deck for you. There are many versions of solitaire available, such as Klondike Solitaire or Spider Solitaire.


Bridge is referred to as the game of a lifetime and is challenging to master. The online version offers a teaching system for beginners and is easy to use and free.


Online poker is responsible for the massive increase in poker players worldwide. Live tournaments with big prize money make online poker very attractive for experienced online players.


The online version of blackjack is fun and easy to use, with an unlimited number of cards in play. Learn the rules without losing any money.


This 13 card game is much loved and played by people all over the world. Players are required to collect sets of cards and can play with others online.


In baccarat, players aim to get a total of nine cards or try to get as close to nine as possible.


Hearts is one of the least complicated games, and you only need four people to play. Beginners can play and even stand a chance of winning big.

The Benefits of Playing Online Card Games

Playing card games like solitaire or bridge benefit us emotionally, socially, and psychologically and helps improve our mental skills. We look at the specific benefits of playing SolitaireBrain.


Reduces Stress

A game of SolitaireBrain helps relax the mind by shifting your focus and putting you in a meditative state. If you suffer from anxiety, the game will give your mind something else to concentrate on, reducing your symptoms. Researchers have also noted that a solitaire game will improve your sleep quality, giving you a better night's rest.

Helps You To Develop Strategy 

Although not as complex as chess, SolitaireBrain still requires a well-thought-out strategy to beat your last score. As you learn to execute the right moves to improve your gameplay, you also strengthen your ability to develop an effective strategy.

Teaches You Patience

With a game of SolitaireBrain, your chances will be higher if you are patient and carefully calculate all your moves. Many players get impatient and start opening all their stacks of cards, causing them to get stuck and run out of moves. In SolitaireBrain, a good strategy is to wait for the right card to come along.


With fewer ads than any other online game, solitaire allows for the best uninterrupted user experience, providing hours of fun. The entertainment value is high, and it's free.


With the online version of SolitaireBrain, there is no need to shuffle cards or lay them out. The digital version shuffles the cards for you and lays out a new deck every time you play. 

With the click of a button, you can play anytime, anywhere. No two games are ever the same, and the number of times you can play is unlimited.

Other Added Benefits of Playing Online Card Games

Playing online card games is not only good for your brain but also keeps you and your family safe from cybercrime.

Safe for Children

Online card games are excellent for children, as it teaches them strategic skills and improves their memory. Games like SolitaireBrain is a solo game, and the possibility of them interacting with strangers on this platform is zero, keeping them safe from cyberbullies and sexual predators. 

No Data Breaches

The lack of ads on card game sites is refreshing and means that you are safe from being hacked. Data breaches and cybercrime are increasing, and criminals are finding new ways to target their victims. By interacting with random ads on game sites, you increase your chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime.  

No sign-up is needed to play a game of online cards, and players remain anonymous. You don't have to share any financial details online as there is no payment required for these free card games.

Final Word

Digital games have become a part of our daily lives, and most people go online for some playtime. So next time, consider playing SolitaireBrain when you want to shift your focus or find a solution to a problem. 

The online version of popular card games is even better than the originals and benefits your mind, body, and soul. With easy-to-use platforms, you can play on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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