Nowadays, with the rise of business communication mediums, faxing is still preferable. The maintenance costs of faxing machines urge people to shift to online fax services. Several tools are offering high-end features to send and receive fax online.

For that purpose, we will cover the 10 best online fax services to send a fax with their favored aspects.

1.  CocoFax

CocoFax is one of the most prominent online fax services which provides dedicated features. You can do online faxing from all the available software for different devices.

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CocoFax offers premium security to keep your important faxes confidential. Its advanced and efficient features make it a high reputation online fax tool in the market. The platform also offers a free trial that can be availed by users to enjoy all features provided in CocoFax.

1.1 How to Send a Fax Online

An all-in-one free online fax solution provider, CocoFax tends to perform faxing processes easier. It can send and receive faxes at the user's fingertips, without any high knowledge of the interface.

Following are the detailed step-by-step procedure to send free fax from the computer.

Step 1: Access CocoFax's homepage and click the 'Start Faxing' option. This action will lead you to select the fax number. You need to choose the required region, number code, and area type. Select the fax number of your choice from the available list, then click 'Next.'

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Step 2: Now, log in to your existing account or sign up with the new account to proceed with the payment process. The user can access the dashboard after signing in.

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Step 3: Click the 'New Fax' option from the dashboard and add the recipients to send the fax. Add or upload the document from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.  Now, add the suitable text with the fax and hit on 'Send Now.'

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1.2 Why CocoFax Is the Best Online Fax Service

Here are the top 3 reasons to support this best online fax service.

●        Outstanding Security and Compliances

The tool ensures the transmission's security and comes up with several compliances including, PHIPA, GDPR, and HIPAA. They aim to provide data safety, security and privacy.

●        Comprehensive Online Fax Tool

CocoFax enables its users to send instant faxes anywhere. With no set-up fees, it provides the best online solution across an easy and intuitive environment. Users can enjoy efficient faxing with their free fax number provided by the platform.

●        Top-rated Tool

CocoFax is the leading free online fax service with 200+reviews on various software platforms like G2. It is an all-in-one tool that is free, easiest, and highest-rated.

1.3 What Else You Can Do on CocoFax

It will not be wrong to declare CocoFax as the best free solution to online faxing. This tool has more lot to do, such as the following.

●        Specialize Your Fax Cover

You are allowed to add a cover page before sending a fax. Through the cover page, a recipient can access the important details. You can also choose a cover template from CocoFax library or upload a cover page from a PC.

●        Schedule a Fax

For your busy schedules, CocoFax supports the scheduling of fax at a predefined time. You can set the number of tries after failures or time intervals. It also allows selecting the file resolution of your choice.

●        Manage the Fax Members

CocoFax provides an easy way to manage the team members through the dashboard of the tool. The users can add, disable, or delete a team member.

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2. iFax

iFax is an online solution that allows you to send and receive fax on any device. It does not require any telephone line or fax machine to send a fax, hence making it an effortless method to free fax online. With the 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption, it provides a secure faxing facility.

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How to Send a Fax via iFax?

Initially, you will have to access the official website of iFax. Obtain your fax number from the option of 'Get a Fax Number.' To send a fax, you will have to select a cover template along with the documents by adding attachments within the fax. Tap on 'Send' for sending the fax successfully. You will also be notified when the receiver receives the fax.


●        Incredible cost

●        Intuitive interface with an email to fax capability


●        Lack of built-in two-factor authentication

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3. HelloFax

Send the faxes directly to the receiver's inbox and outgoing faxes by free fax service-HelloFax. It enables the users to get rid of expensive fax machines and send faxes digitally. The service supports many online businesses which offer serious privacy and security policies.

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The users can send and receive fax without going through the hassles of managing a fax machine.

Guide to Sending Fax through the HelloFax App

Sign in with an account across the HelloFax app and tap on the 'Send a Fax' button from the left panel to initiate the process. The platform allows users to upload files from a computer or cloud storage. Over clicking 'Next,' they are asked to add in the recipient's fax number and email address. Send the document successfully across the specified address.


●        Easy way to send faxes digitally

●        A safe and secure solution


●        No customer support

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4. eFax

With millions of worldwide customers, eFax is a fast and easy solution to send and receive faxes. It provides free fax service to fax online from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. eFax has an enhanced security feature to access highly confidential faxes without any worry.

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This fax service offers efficient faxing mobile apps to carry on the process on the go.

Step-by-Step Guide to Send an Online Fax

You will be required to tap on the 'Send Faxes' option to start the process of sending a fax. Add in the details of the recipient along with the destination country. Provide the recipient's fax number and fill in all the relevant fields for sending the fax successfully. Add in the essential documents and specify a resolution for your fax document to execute the process successfully.


●        A reliable tool to send and receive fax

●        Dedicated enterprise features


●        Does not allow to check bill from online portal

5. RingCentral Fax

Another online fax software, RingCentral Fax, is a popular way to send faxes online for free. It offers advanced document solutions such as team and email messaging apps. With the help of RingCentral, you can easily send a fax from your computer.

RingCentral Fax
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All you need to add is the receiver's phone number and documents to send online fax-free. You don't need to wait to send a fax over the Internet; RingCentral has made the faxing process easier for all.

How to Send Internet Fax by RingCentral?

Log in with your RingCentral account and tap on the 'FaxOut' icon. The platform opens a new pop-up window for sending a file. Add in the important details of the recipient and the attachments from your PC or cloud storage. Tap on the 'Send Now' tab to successfully execute the procedure.


●        Mobile app and scalable features

●        Supports phone system


●        Clunky to customize a cover page

6. WiseFax

The simplest and powerful online fax service-WiseFax tends to provide domestic and worldwide coverage. The users can easily send and receive faxes from almost everywhere. This service offers multiple features including, fax status or a high success rate of delivery.

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7. FaxBurner

With the FaxBurner, make your faxing process convenient to send faxes to business organizations and enterprises. The tool provides a free fax number within no time. You can create multiple-page faxes, sign faxes without printing, and archive. It allows you to send faxes from iPhone,iPad, or email.

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8. MyFax

MyFax lets you digitally send and receive faxes. You don't need to do any hassle of printing or scanning. It provides an easy solution to access all your faxes online with flexible pricing plans. Works straight away for a business, without any need for software and hardware. MyFax also supports a wide range of local toll-free and local numbers.

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9. FaxZero

For a modern and cost-effective method to fax, FaxZero facilitates its users to send free faxes over the Internet. It is a free service that supports its users for fax-sending needs, zero brandings on the cover page, and an intuitive interface.

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10. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax offers a truly free faxing service with no ads and fees. It only handles the outgoing faxes with no setup required. The whole interface is easy to navigate. GotFreeFax enables small businesses to create prepaid accounts.

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The Bottom Line

The above article has concluded the discussion on the best online fax service. Most professionals prefer to use online fax services due to their efficiency. There are multiple platforms available that support an easy process of sending and receiving faxes online. With unique features that can help users cover their needs easily, they can look across platforms like CocoFax to send faxes from computers.

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