WASDAQ Transforms The Token Trading Market With A Revolutionary Smart Contract Called Gatekeeper
(Photo : WASDAQ Transforms The Token Trading Market With A Revolutionary Smart Contract Called Gatekeepe)

Los Angeles, CA. August 20th, 2021: WASDAQ is proud to announce the launch of its new token trading market specifically designed with a smart contract that makes it easier for investors to limit risk with pre-defined trading hours. Focused on helping to make the lives of investors easier, more predictable, and less risky, WASDAQ provides investors with the very first opportunity to leverage a DeFi market with predefined trading hours and regulated trading times.

"Essentially, what we're doing here is putting guardrails on the system. For far too long, investors would simply go to sleep only to wake up and see that the price of their token had dropped significantly overnight. The goal with WASDAQ is to provide investors with a safe space to make their investments by day, and then go to sleep knowing that their investment is safe."

Developed by two experienced tech professionals, one an IRL Digital Project Manager, and the other an IRL Embedded Software Engineer, WASDAQ is backed by real-world expertise. WASDAQ's Gatekeeper smart contract is in charge of setting trading hours during the day. From there, Gatekeeper blocks any and all trading activities after its predefined hours to prevent the price of WASDAQ's token from dropping overnight.

"Soon enough, we plan to launch a DEX exchange with additional tokens that are similar to WASDAQ, all taking advantage of Gatekeeper and other reliable tools to trade them more efficiently and more securely."

In the near future, WASDAQ will also offer tokens to exchanges as "loss leader tokens." These tokens will be designed for new customers and those who are more familiar with traditional markets and stock trading. WASDAQ is poised to bring in a new swath of investors who want the lucrative opportunities that tokens have to offer, while remaining familiar with the systems of contemporary stock trading.

To learn more about WASDAQ, visit their website!

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