Facilitating real time accounting with Automate Accounts, co-founded by Mayank Jain and Rushabh Kothari
(Photo : Facilitating real time accounting with Automate Accounts, co-founded by Mayank Jain and Rushabh Kothari)

With the digitalization of most tasks that demanded human labor, the accounting sector still remains untouched by the change. While the industry might be overlooked by several technological revolutions taking place around us, automate accounts have taken the responsibility to change that. They are one-of-a-kind business solutions that take care of your organization's accounting department and play a vital role in sales management, lead generation, fulfillment processing, and customized reporting.

Rushabh Kothari and Mayank Jain are qualified Chartered Accountants (CA) and Certified Financial Analysts (CFA) with a background in technology. Automate Accounts is their brain child where they bring in over 10 years of collective experience to ensure all the routine and complex accounting difficulties were addressed with revolutionary easy to use solutions.

Our world has become fast-paced enough that every recent update is present at our fingertips. Following the exact footprints of what technology aims to provide us, automate accounting systems seek to enable fast, secure, and accurate data entry and transfer. The use of AI and various other technological solutions to make accounting more efficient has indeed been an asset to the industry's growth in the modern world.

Integration of accounting systems with current operating systems like CRM, HR, etc could prove revolutionary in the field of finance management. Not only would it help accountants get rid of hours of tirelessly duplicating data entry procedures, but it could prove itself in simplifying a lot of time-taking tasks as well. For those used to the pre-existing technicalities, the transfer might seem difficult. Therefore, it becomes more convenient if the new automated accounting systems seamlessly integrate themselves with what worked earlier. Hence, it not only needs to facilitate a smooth transition of recording and data but also enable maximum utilization of resources with minimum efforts. 

Automate accounts has been focused on developing systems that ensure the data recorded has been shown in a manner that facilitates quick and reliable decision making. Basically, the use of mobile interface for accounting and simplified interface that would be very well understood by even not having an accounting background will significantly reduce the need for professional accountants. The next gen AI displays accounting reports in real time with just a click of a button.

What makes automated accounts stand out is their cloud-based platform design that is able to serve the purpose of updating, viewing, and analyzing data in real-time. Time, distance, or your geographical location would not prevent you from revising the data present in your official records. Unlike traditional accounting methods, this seems to be a more efficient way of doing work. Automate Accounts have partnered up with QuickBooks and Zoho Books who are some of the most productive and reliable platforms that offer cloud-based accounting solutions.

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