T.V. Advertising in the Internet Age: How Space City Develops Independent Media Campaigns
(Photo : T.V. Advertising in the Internet Age: How Space City Develops Independent Media Campaigns)

The rapid evolution of the world of technology is evident and is not hidden from any. It can easily be described from the new consumer's trend that television advertising is losing its ground. In contrast, internet video advertising continues to grow in coverage. Technology change is inevitable, but the same cannot be said for advertising.

The studies of a recent survey have revealed that 119.9 million consumers in the U.S. still watch television, which increases the proximity of their ad watching. And taking advantage of this great number is Space City. This U.K. based advertising agency has a distinction in producing creative and impactful T.V. campaigns for more than two decades.

Space City was founded by Victor van Amerongen and Amanda Alexander in 1992. It has consistently topped the Televisual magazine poll for producing more adverts than any other U.K. agency since 2000. Space City is mainly known for its proficiency in the production of Direct Response (DRTV) commercials. With more than 25 years in the advertising industry, Space City has established itself and has become a well-recognized advertising agency.

The internet had begun taking over the market in the early '90s, just when Space City was launched. Victor had predicted well ahead of time and sensed that the T.V. advertisement market would soon be saturated or taken up by the internet advertisement videos. He knew that they would have to come up with better ideas, innovative angles, and modern-day thinking to connect with the transitioning audience.

Space City took advantage of the fact that T.V. was the most-watched medium all around the world and was still preferred as a reliable source to learn something new about any service or product. Using his former experience of working in various advertising agencies, Victor was very much aware of the fact T.V. won a wide margin over all other forms of media for being exciting and influential. He came up with the idea of making the T.V. campaigns more informative and impactful, something that conveyed the message of the brand without making the consumer feel it.

This U.K. based advertising agency focused on the four E's; engagement, entertainment, education, and experience. They rejected the late 90's ideas of creating product-centric advertisements. Instead, they produced T.V. advertisements that enlightened the consumer about a particular topic while promoting a product or a service. They began working on ideas that could be watched across all mediums.

Under the guidance of amazing and talented team leads, Space City achieved this target in a short period of time. Their unique take on presenting and promoting products was widely appreciated by the audience. The increase in sales and consumer demand for the product they endorsed proved that their decision of deviating from the traditional advertising idea was a success.

Targeting the Young Audience

The young audience today is not inclined towards watching any form of advertisement. Their instant reaction towards advertising is to ignore it. And Space City had to overcome this problem, or else they would lose a huge audience.

To tackle this emerging issue, they had to think of new angles and ways to project their ideas in a way that did not sound promotional and provided a solution to the user's problems. Space City came up with the fantastic view of targeting a specific audience. During earlier times, television campaigns presented generalized information, which resulted in the loss of customer interest in the advertisements. But after a few surveys, it was found that targeted T.V. advertisements had a profound effect on the consumer's mind in comparison to the others. Producing advertisements with this approach turned into a great success.

Space City created commercials that were not only aired on the television but across different social media platforms. Their focus on the 4 E's enabled them to grasp the audience's attention. It can be said that they initiated the trend of targeted advertisements, which now seems to be adopted by every other advertising agency.

Another aspect that Space City experimented with was the emotional connection of the audience with the product. The trend of producing a story like an advertisement worked wonders for them. They received positive reviews and support from the audience, who loved their way of presenting the same old products with a new twist.

To date, Space City has created advertisements for brands like Cadbury's, Unilever, Universal Music, Unison, Virgin Experience Days, Kenwood Travel, and various other renowned companies. This contemporary advertising agency ranked at the 28th position in the Campaign Magazine chart of U.K. agencies and grossed a total of over £50 million billings in 2018 and 2019.

Space City has rightly set itself on the path of success with its out of the box ideas and new and highly effective strategies of grabbing the audience. It will soon be ranked as the top advertising agency worldwide!

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