Montreal Only: Showing The True Power Of Local Modern Media.
(Photo : Montreal Only: Showing The True Power Of Local Modern Media.)

You might recognize Jeff Radimiri as Jeffrey Gold from the Vine days. Radimiri along with fellow Montreal entrepreneur Alex Vaccaro founded "Montreal Only" in 2016.

They both recognized the power of social media in bringing local events and news that would interest the people of Montreal as well as activities or restaurants to try. Montreal Only was founded to showcase the best of unfiltered, real-life and times of Montreal.

Through Montreal Only,

Radimiri and Vaccaro aimed at fostering a sense of a true community among the citizens of Quebec by showcasing the real stories of Montrealers.

Montreal Only loves to showcase local talent as well. Rather it is from local photographers to local artists, Montreal Only will reach out to any artist they feel would be a great addition to their platform and ask for permission to repost their work with a credit of course!

Currently, the website for Montreal Only is being rebranded so raw footage of news and events, segments about food and culture, and long-form original content can be accommodated.

Radimiri and Vaccaro's quest for conquering the Montreal digital media space does not stop with Montreal Only, rather it starts there. They are expanding their horizons and branching out to the real estate market.

With a website ready to be relaunched and a huge real estate project, "Montreal Realty", Radimiri and Vaccaro might have their hands full but have no intentions of stopping their climb.

Jeff Radimiri's Instagram handle can be found at @JeffreyGoldVine. Montreal Realty's social media page can be found at @MTL_Realty on Instagram. Montreal Only can be found on Instagram @MontrealOnly,

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