To Reach Peace Teach Peace
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Peace is more than the absence of war; it is accord and harmony.

Just like it is necessary for countries to have relati0ns of peace and prosperity to sustain, it is also necessary to have within different societies living in these nations. Although it is a critical aspect for success and happiness, it is often ignored by the governments. It is an already known fact that the higher authorities are immersed in dealing with peace-making matters on a macro level. But they should also be aware of the issues faced by people on a societal level.

Fortunately, the NGOs and various activists worldwide have taken upon their shoulders to fill the gaps made by the government. In the current times, one of the most sensitive issues which are found in each country of the world is the religious and cultural difference. Dr. Rajat Malhotra, one of the peace initiators in India, is actively working to introduce inter-faith harmony among his nation. He is an advocate of preaching Islam in a positive light.

India is a multi-cultural country with many faiths dwelling in it. Although the literacy rate in this country is nearly 74.4 percent, the issues of accepting other religions remain persistent. Growing up in a biased culture, Dr. Rajat was not different from the rest. He, too, had some misconceptions about Muslims. The negative coverage given to Islam by media had tarnished its image. People practicing this religion worldwide face serious backlash from others. Bad thoughts spurred in the minds of the people against the Muslims. Dr. Rajat experienced the same too until he met Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

What one see's is not always the truth, and this was the case when people saw Islam from the media's point of view. Their minds were filled with fallacies and façade, which was not true. The exposure of Islam that Dr. Rajat got through Maulana Wahiduddin Khan was life-changing. His profound knowledge of Islam and its beliefs created a positive impact on Dr. Rajat's mind and attitude towards the Muslims. Being influenced by the teachings of Maulana, he completed his Master's degree in Art in Islamic History from Kerala University in 2013. The combination of studying this course and Maulana's guidance helped Rajat clear all of his misconceptions about Islam. Dr. Rajat was so influenced by his teachings that he joined the Centre for Peace and Spirituality (CPS).

Dr. Rajat's opinion had been completely transformed after joining CPS in 2001, which his mentor, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, founded. Today CPS International is engaged in building an environment of dialogue and promoting interfaith harmony. Dr. Rajat, along with CPS Chapters, is disseminating to the world a sustainable message of Peace and Spirituality. It is achieved through centers' publications like Spirit of Islam, Al-Risala magazine and videos, conferences, podcasts, etc.

 At this point, Dr. Rajat realized the power of media. It could hype and destroy anyone they liked, and the public believed it blindly. This was when Dr. Rajat decided that he would not let his knowledge and transformational journey go to waste and started making videos. His videos targeted the audience having delusional thinking about Islam. According to him, the real meaning and purpose of the religion have been hidden. Through his videos, he tries to educate the young masses that Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood through various facts and stories from the Quran. In addition to this, he has also represented CPS on various platforms and given speeches regarding inter-faith harmony. The objective of CPS International is to usher in the Intellectual revolution by transforming individuals as well-wishers of humanity.

Dr. Rajat's selfless efforts to improve the peaceful religion were visible. He soon became the Global Coordinator of CPS and toured several countries of the world with Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. He then completed his Ph.D. in 'A Study of the Arabian Society After the Advent of Islam With Specific Reference to the Life of Prophet Muhammad' in 2019. The increased knowledge and belief in the religion enabled Dr. Rajat to create QnA sessions with his followers. This session was also aired on well-known Indian channels such as ETV (Urdu) and Zee Salaam. His efforts to generate a sense of closeness and humanity among people have been covered by reputable Indian news sources such as The Times of India,, Daily Hunt, ANI, etc.

Being aware of the fact that the future in the hands of the youth, Dr. Rajat Malhotra intends to clear all the misconceptions from the minds of the younger generation. His efforts to create a peacefully sound country where all people feel proud to follow their religion have started taking shape already. With people like Dr. Rajat Malhotra looking into such issues, it can be predicted that the world will soon be a place of love and happiness.

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