Steve Lesnard: The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation on the Soundscapes Series
(Photo : Steve Lesnard: The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation on the Soundscapes Series )

The North Face and Sonos kicked off a multi-faceted partnership that will allow fans to explore the natural landscapes and incredible expeditions in a variety of different ways. This partnership is a celebration of the all-new Sonos Roam, which is an ultra-portable speaker built to withstand a rugged outdoor environment while delivering crisp sound, voice control, and other features. The Roam is water-resistant and drop-resistant, making it the ideal portable speaker for any outdoor adventure.

One of the first collaborations of this partnership between The North Face and Sonos is the Soundscape Series, a new way for people to "Never Stop Exploring" from home. The Soundscape Series allows fans to experience The North Face expeditions and other outdoor exploits through crisp and clear audio recorded from real-life adventures. Whether it is trekking in Antarctica or climbing the tallest mountains in the world, the Soundscapes Series allows people to immerse themselves in a new type of sonic experience from the comfort of their homes.

Steve Lesnard is the CMO and Global VP of Product Creation of North Face. He is responsible for product creation across different product categories, including equipment and footwear at The North Face. According to Steve Lesnard, this partnership between Sonos and The North Face will unlock a "completely new avenue for storytelling."

Lesnard has over two decades of experience in the athletic products industry. At The North Face, one of Lesnard's key goals is to drive innovation through new product development. Lesnard was instrumental in the launch and success of FUTURELIGHT, ultra-thin nano-fiber technology used in several products by The North Face. In his previous roles with other athletic brands, Lesnard led the successful launch of several products and campaigns. Lesnard is enthusiastic about the partnership with Sonos, a brand that he believes shares some of the same core values as The North Face.

According to Lesnard, The North Face has "spent over 50 years enabling some of the world's greatest athletes to not only achieve their goals but to inspire the next generation of explorers." The Soundscapes Series is an outstanding achievement by Steve Lesnard and The North Face. Lesnard hopes this series will inspire people to go outdoors and experience these sounds in person.

The Soundscapes Series is more than just a podcast or playlist; instead, it is an audio journey for the listeners. The North Face has traditionally focused on visual media, but the audio from the Soundscapes Series allows for a new platform of storytelling. One of the key elements in the success of the Soundscapes Series has been the ability of the team to record high-quality sound, which offers an immersive experience for the listeners.

The sound offered through the Soundscapes Series also captures the banter between the expedition team as they navigate through tough terrain. Listeners can eavesdrop on the conversation as the expedition team faces different types of challenges and obstacles in their journey to the natural landscapes. According to Steve Lesnard, the filmmakers and athletes who worked on these projects were excited to revisit their expedition through this audio platform. Focusing on just the sonic experience allowed these experts to uncover new details of their expedition.  

The complete Soundscapes Series is available on Sonos Radio and Mixcloud. It is also available on YouTube in 16 countries. There are currently nine recordings available of different expeditions and landscapes. The Soundscapes Series was created by Mikael Jorgenson from the Grammy award-winning band Wilco. Jorgenson added a brand-new score to the original audio to take the listeners through a mesmerizing audio journey.

Some of the expeditions featured on the Soundscapes Series include journeys across different countries around the world such as Ethiopia, Japan, Alaska, Peru, and more. Not only does the Series feature some of the iconic locations in the world, but it also features some of the best climbers and athletes in the industry, such as Emily Harrington, Savannah Cummins, Renan Ozturk, Matty Hong, Jim Morrison, Cedar Wright, Nina Williams, James Pearson, and more.

One of the climbers featured on the Soundscapes Series is the famous Alex Hannold, who is a professional rock climber renowned for his audacious journeys to some of the most perilous and biggest cliffs around the world. Hannold believes that the banter between him and Harrington while climbing through difficult sections allowed them to complete the journey. Listeners can now listen to this conversation to understand how the best in the world can tackle the tough sections of their expeditions. According to Hannold, the Soundscapes Series is "a soundtrack to their experience."

Sonos Radio has been a huge hit with listeners, confirming the audience's appetite for nature-inspired and ambient playlists. The Sonos team wanted to create this series to offer unique and original content to mark the launch of the new Roam product. The "Never Stop Exploring" tagline is named after The North Face tagline that has become iconic. Other brands have also been experimenting with audio content and platforms. General Electric launched its sci-fi The Message series, while Starbucks and Crest have features on Spotify and Amazon's Alexa Skills.

Sonos' brand marketing with outdoor adventures showcases the performance of the Roam speaker in an outdoor environment. It also highlights the ultra-portability of the product. Pete Pedersen, the VP of marketing at Sonos, is excited about the addition of all-new Sonos Roam to their product lineup. Roam is the first ultra-portable speaker offered by Sonos. According to Pederson, Sonos wanted to partner with a brand that allowed "an authentic and accessible way" to market Roam. The North Face was the ideal partner for Sonos, given its heritage and rich history in exploration and adventure space. According to the VP of Content at Sonos Radio, Dmitri Siegel, the Never Stop Exploring station is more than just an audio series. He believes Jorgensen's creativity combined with the narration by some of the top athletes has allowed for "something sonically adventurous."

About Sonos

Sonos, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, is one of the world's premier sound experience companies. The company was founded in 2002 and has partnered with several leading music services companies around the globe. Sonos offers a wide range of high-quality products, including speaker sets, home theatres, portable speakers, accessories, and more.  Sonos products are renowned for their ease of use, thoughtful aesthetics, powerful sound experience, and open platform. The multi-room wireless home audio was invented by Sonos. This product allows customers to never miss a beat, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Sonos Radio offers over 60,000 radio stations, including exclusive stations only available from Sonos. Sonos Radio's ad-supported format allows customers throughout the world free access to one of the world's broadest selections of radio stations.

About The North Face

The North Face is an American outdoor products company that offers high-quality products geared toward outdoor adventures. The product lineup includes apparel, footwear, equipment, and more. Founded in 1966, The North Face is a division of VF Outdoor LLC. As one of the world's leading outdoor brands, the products offered by the company are developed using state-of-the-art technology. The expedition-proven and athlete-tested products allow customers to push their limits in the exploration of the outdoor world.

Headquartered in San Francisco, The North Face not only encourages people to explore the outdoor world but also promotes the protection of outdoor playgrounds. Several initiatives are regularly launched by The North Face to promote the sustainability of the planet. The North Face products are available at several premium retail outlets around the globe and through their The North Face website.


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