"TikTok Made Me Buy It" has been a popular catchphrase that users of the video-sharing platform blurt out when they see interesting products on someone's post, and they decide to purchase it.

Top 10 Best ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ Products to Buy: Bag Sealer, Smart Door Lock, MORE
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Top 5 Best 'TikTok Made Me Buy It' Products

To cut to the chase, here are the top 5 best "TikTok made me buy it" products to purchase.

Heart-Shaped Ring Light

A TikTok user, "indigo_kristine," posted a video showing her unboxing a heart-shaped ring light.

She further showed the video quality while she was using the heart ring light, and it was bright enough that it seems like it was taken from a professional studio. Plus, the heart shape also reflects the user's eyes.

What's more, the ring light could also be adjusted from daylight to warm light. Not to mention that it also features a USB charging port, perfect for your smartphone.

The heart light sells at $299 on Kawaii Lighting.

Smart Coffee Table

Another TikTok user, known as findswithkayla, splurged on a coffee table, that she dubbed as the "coolest ever." She further showed her viewers why they should not sleep on this one.

As per Wayfair, the Smart Coffee Table comes in two colors, one that's white and black, and the other one is blacked out.

The table boasts smart features, including two Bluetooth speakers, two USB charging ports, decorative ambiance LED lights, and four 110V outlets.

The light and sounds of the coffee table could be controlled via its touch screen panel on top of its tempered glass tabletop. Aside from that, it could connect to your television or smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.

What's more, it is not waste of space as there is a refrigerator drawer below it that could support up to 55lbs.

Filtering Shower Head

The other product seen from TikTok serves as a solution to the bacteria and other metals or rust that go through your shower pipes. Just imagine all the dirt that you're using to wash your body regularly.

Don't fret! This showerhead comes with a filter, promising to remove impurities in the water as you take a bath.

According to the product listing of Amazon, the filtering shower head has a least three settings of pressure, which could be adjusted from light to heavy water stream.

All of this for a price tag of $31.98.

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LED Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror is best for those who frequently do their makeup inside their cars.

The LED makeup vanity mirror lights up in two lighting color options, one that emits a warm glow, while the other provides a daylight option.

This rechargeable vanity mirror sells for $21.98 at Amazon.

Smart Door Lock

And lastly, a TikTok user that goes by the moniker Montserrat MG shared her own "TikTok made me buy" for her home improvement project--a smart door lock.

At first glance, the door lock looks nothing like the usual knob. So, there is a chance that intruders will get confused about how it works.

Well, unless they also saw it on TikTok.

It comes with a fingerprint scanner. But you may opt to unlock it using your phone or via a passcode. However, if all else fails, you could use a card to unlock it, just like in the hotels.

The keyless lock sells at $139.99 at Amazon as well.

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