How Ari Kohan Transforms Pitch Decks into Masterful Fundraising Tools
(Photo : How Ari Kohan Transforms Pitch Decks into Masterful Fundraising Tools)

When launching a startup or business, securing capital from investors and other organizations is one of the top tasks. Entrepreneurs need to impress venture capitalists, angel investors, and more in order to secure their financial future. One of the main ways to do this is by creating a compelling pitch deck. According to Visme, "a pitch deck is a brief presentation that gives potential investors or clients an overview of your business plan, products, services, and growth traction." While this sounds straightforward enough, it can be challenging to distill all your ideas and plans to make them investment-worthy. That's why many people are turning to Ari Kohan, founder of 50Proof and pitch deck connoisseur.

There are numerous ways Ari Kohan is able to take a normal, forgettable pitch deck into an irresistible presentation. Here are just two of them.

Work With Founders Directly

Ari Kohan understands the value of working one-on-one with the founders of the company. They are the ones with the ultimate vision, after all. He meets with them to ensure their ultimate goals are laid out on paper for everyone to see and understand. One of 50Proof's core values is "alluring narratives, not just stats." While it's important for pitch decks to include statistics to demonstrate their success, it's just as important to tell a story. The investors want to see that not only is the business performing well now, but that there's a longevity to it that's fueled by motivation. Once the founder understands their true motivation, they can communicate that to investors.

Ask Important Questions

One of the most important questions to ask when forming a pitch deck is "why?" That's the main question that potential investors are asking themselves. Why should they choose to work with you? The pitch deck should be able to answer this question thoroughly and convincingly. It's also important for founders to ask themselves why they are in the business and why they believe so fully in their service or product. That confidence may shine through in their presentation.

Ari also knows the questions that investors will inevitably ask during a presentation. His years of experience in the industry have shown him what questions are usually brought up, which helps him prepare his clients thoroughly. Founders don't want to be stuck in front of potential investors without an answer, as this may put them in an unfavorable light. After working with Ari, they won't have this problem.

These are only two of the major ways Ari Kohan is able to take pitch decks to the next level and ensure funding for his clients. Through his company 50Proof, he has been able to raise over a billion dollars for businesses of all kinds. This includes everything from small startups to massive names like the World Health Organization, Microsoft, and Discover. These amazing results have put him on the map, giving him an incredible reputation in the venture capital space. Clients share that 50Proof challenged their organization to think critically at every turn, helping them bolster their story and narrative in a way they didn't see as possible. With client testimonials like this, it's clear that Ari has a solid hold on the market and will continue to be successful.

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