How To Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats in 2021
(Photo : How To Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats in 2021)

Due to the abrupt changes spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of data leaks, phishing scams and other cyber attacks are on the rise. Companies can no longer ignore the necessity to address data security issues. Experts suggest that businesses should envision themselves being subjected to a cyberattack at some point in the future so they can develop an action plan to mitigate potential risks.

Jason Liberman, the founder of the leading cybersecurity firm Liberman Networks, Inc., believes that security should not be approached as a nice-to-have strategy. It needs to be viewed as an inalienable part of a company's work ethic. Security necessitates complete involvement and effort, since the repercussions of a cyberattack may be disastrous. Here are his suggestions for anyone looking to safeguard their business.

Turn On MFA

Biometric authentication technologies are continuously evolving. It is obvious that one biometric component may not always be forged but if several of them are used, it becomes almost impossible to bypass such a system. Imagine you put your palm to the tablet, it reads and checks the pattern of veins, the geometry of the palm and fingerprints. At the same time, using the built-in camera, a face geometry check is carried out. Who could possibly hack such an advanced authentication system?

Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security for user credentials and another barrier for attackers to gain access to internal organization data. With MFA, users only gain access to protected resources after several successful authentications.

Diversify Passwords

While it might seem like creating a password is not all that difficult, even such large and powerful companies such as eBay, LinkedIn and Facebook have fallen victim to hackers getting access to numerous customers' accounts.

Complex and diversified passwords are a cornerstone of a robust cybersecurity system. The password should include a complex combination of characters. At the same time, each service and site must have its unique password and never be reused.


EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) system is designed to more effectively protect against targeted attacks and respond to detected information security incidents. EDR is an additional security component that allows you to identify an attacker's activity after he has already beaten all prior defenses. Furthermore, EDR can detect suspicious files by detecting anomalies and sending them to the sandbox, a virtual environment used by antivirus analysts to detect malicious activity.

Backup Your Data

Data backup simply entails copying files from your computer or device. As the pandemic's increasing hazards demonstrate, storing up crucial corporate files and data is critical. However, not all backup devices and technologies are the same nor do they all give the same level of security. As a result, it is vital to thoroughly research the market and select the best option for your company.

Get Expert Help

Ensuring a robust cybersecurity plan can seem like an overwhelming task for small to medium-sized business owners. Many do not have sufficient competence in the matter. This is where competent firms like Liberman Networks, Inc. come to the rescue.

Liberman Networks has a solution for all of your security needs, including safeguarding data, facilitating collaboration, increasing efficiency, designing and enforcing policy and training users, to name a few. Contact the company to see how LNI can prove to be of great value to your business's security needs.


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