Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Organizations
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It's no secret that healthcare is one of the most competitive industries out there. And because marketing strategies are so important, you'll want to make sure your organization is using these practices as best they can. 

If you work in the healthcare industry, then marketing your organization and its services is a big part of your job. Patients are bombarded with advertisements for different hospitals, doctors, and more. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But by using some of these creative marketing strategies, you will attract new patients to your hospital or clinic while also retaining old ones.

Planning Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Be sure to have a campaign that will show you are trustworthy. This can be done by using testimonials, reviews from other patients, or even customer service award programs. Patients want to know they're in good hands, and if your company has received awards for being an ethical brand, then it's worth mentioning on your website and social media platforms.

Use consistent healthcare branding

This will help your company stand out because patients are already familiar with the colors and design of your services. Use your logo on all print and digital ads so that it's easily recognizable to new customers you're trying to reach.

Take advantage of social media platforms. In today's world, everyone is using Facebook and Twitter, which means they can be a great way for Healthcare Marketing Agency to connect with potential clients or current ones who want more information about their providers. Create profiles on these sites for both hospitals as well as individual doctors if appropriate - especially in fields such as pediatricians where there may not be many nearby options available.

Evaluate the online patient experience

The patient experience needs to be a priority for any healthcare organization. Patients want their questions answered promptly, and they also need access to all the information about your company, including hours of operation, staff members who specialize in different areas, insurance accepted (or not), directions on how to get there...the list goes on.

Don't forget social sharing buttons!

Your patients can share this content with others through email or Facebook, which means it's getting more exposure without you having to spend time doing anything but posting it online. This way, people hear about your products and services quickly from those they trust - other patients are already happy with what you have to offer.

Build a responsive healthcare website

In order to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, it needs to be responsive. This means that when the screen size changes from one device you're using on another (i.e., desktop computer vs tablet), all content will adjust accordingly for easy viewing - and this includes pictures of facilities or various departments like dermatology!

Don't use stock photos

While they may seem convenient at first glance, they are a quick way to look unprofessional because patients can tell whether or not these are generic images off the internet. If there's a picture in mind that reflects what your company is about, take some time with employees or clients who volunteer their time for such things and put together something unique, so people feel as if they have visited your office and seen what you have to offer.

Use messaging apps

There are plenty of messaging apps out there that healthcare organizations should be using to connect with potential patients. You'll want one that's not just for businesses but also individual departments like the ER or OBGYN department; you want people who have questions about a certain area to know they can contact another person directly without having to go through everyone in between.

Take advantage of senior discounts

Healthcare is expensive and more seniors need care than ever before (which means new customers). Be sure your marketing strategy includes this population by offering their families free flu shots or other discounts if applicable so they feel welcomed into your facility when it's time for them to move on from home health care services.

Create a rewards system program

This will help people feel like they're getting something back for being a loyal customer, which helps them remember you better and provides some incentive to spread the word about your company. By having this in place, patients will want to keep coming back because of how good they feel after each visit - and their friends won't be able to pass up an opportunity at discounts either!

Use sustainable building materials

There are plenty of ways to make sure your property is environmentally friendly, even if it's not carbon neutral yet, by using natural light or reducing energy usage with solar panels on roofs or geothermal heating systems. This way, when potential customers come by for tours before making any commitments, you can show them what kind of steps you take towards sustainability and go into detail about the benefits of utilizing these techniques.

Celebrate milestones with social media shares

It's been a year since we opened our doors! This is something to celebrate, but it can be difficult when you're so busy running around taking care of patients that there are no staff members available for things like planning events or coordinating giveaways. Instead, enlist help from existing clients as well as doctors at other facilities in your area who want their patients to come by now too - without having any stress on them!

This way, they'll have plenty of time to take pictures and post updates while you get back to making sure everything else runs smoothly (and appreciating all those smiling faces).

Reach out via email campaigns

It's important to be able to have an email list so you can let customers know about any discounts or other information they may not be aware of. Don't just send out generic newsletters that are the same every time; customize it and make sure patients feel as if they're getting a personal message from someone who won't forget them in a couple of weeks!

Do influencer marketing

It's all about word-of-mouth these days, so make sure you do your research to find the perfect influencer for your company. This person will be more than happy to share details and information about what it's like inside of an organization and give tips that can help people in other ways (like how they helped them through a diagnosis process).


Marketing strategies for healthcare organizations-whether you're a hospital, clinic, or doctor's office-will vary depending on your location and the type of customer base. But there are some general marketing tips that can be applied to any business in this industry. These ideas should give you ample food for thought when trying to decide which tactics will work best for your organization.

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