A Look into SLINK LABS: The Company Everyone is Talking About
(Photo : A Look into SLINK LABS: The Company Everyone is Talking About)

SLINK LABS is the new company under Shiba Link. It was founded by a team of like-minded individuals. SLINK LABS has been developed to serve as an incubator to the company for Shiba Link, where developers/ individuals have the opportunity to apply and acquire help on funding, marketing, and development of the tokens or ideas. The vision is to create tokens in the various blockchains that operate under the same umbrella. It's a new and unique company where every token has a purpose and a mutualistic relationship with other core products under SLINK's supervision.

ShibaLink ($LINK) is the new token on the Ethereum network that will serve as a launchpad for other tokens. It is a token similar to owning stock of a company, and it's similar across all the networks the SLINK LABS are on. The uniqueness of the token is that it has a reliable and safe buyback mechanism that acts as a dividend to all the holders of the token. In addition, SLINK is not limited to the common community price action but rather the revenue they generate across all the tokens under their name.

SLINK LABS differs from the rest of the tokens in that they are attracted more to the positive expected value investments in the smart contract systems. They are intended to help the many developers and investors in the cryptocurrency field by making investing safe and educating the public about the token space. SLINK LABS has decided to take a different path from the usual and attractive side of innovation to pursue investors' projects. This will guarantee development in the team's interest while attracting both short-term and long-term speculative investors. But this does not imply they have limited themselves; SLINK LABS still considers novelty, utility, and innovative projects.

Their goal is to be the corporate bridge for all institutions that want to dive into smart contract tokens. They have been listed on CoinGecko and waiting for the CoinMarketCap listing. SLINK LABS' review process involves a thorough scrutiny of the potential risks across all the projects. If they discover any potential risk for a certain project, the company ensures the information is conveyed to all the potential investors of the project.

SLINK LABS is also gaining traction from numerous applicants in the industry. The majority of them are attracted to the company's commitment to offering corporate management services to all applicants regardless of whether they have a KYC. SLINK SLABS provides an equal opportunity for everyone to receive crucial marketing, banking, and professional development help. Who you are should not affect what project you would want to launch.

SLINK LABS is presently hosting a developer program that will help different players in the industry. The program will provide access to a set of valuable services, such as token engineering, security audits, social media, graphical & web3, and branding support. They are only waiting for the Shiba Link to be migrated successfully for the renounce and auto-lock liquidity to be rendered as optional features to the developers. This will be a major achievement for the young, ambitious team and guarantee a smooth shift from raise to market.

In summary, SLINK LABS serves you with everything you need to focus on what you do best.

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