Tommy Rodriguez Shows the Importance of Hard Work and Resilience in His Journey to Success
(Photo : Tommy Rodriguez Shows the Importance of Hard Work and Resilience in His Journey to Success )

Tommy Rodriguez's journey to success is a clear definition of determination, resilience, and endurance. He is a self-made entrepreneur and investor with numerous investments across the country. He is the founder of Automation Empire, a digital asset company that can run your Amazon dropshipping stores utilizing clients credit.

Tommy was left to figure life out by himself at a young age when his mother kicked him out of the house. This was a massive test for a young man who barely knew anything about handling life by himself. A confident and self-motivated individual, Tommy set out trying his best to stay safe living in the system.

With no clear direction or path to follow, Tommy was left to work whatever jobs came his way. He worked several blue-collar jobs, most of which were underpaid. The working conditions were not favorable either, but he had to do it, at least to eat. Though he was super determined to get his life back on track, nothing felt fulfilling for him. Things were not working in his favor, and his life was getting tougher day by day.

After several months of struggling, Tommy could not take it anymore and went back to school. He was convinced that at least getting his GED would improve his situation. However, this was not enough to get him where he wanted to be. Tommy could not find the path he wanted or one that he could stay on. He maintained his drive and determination in the hope of a brighter future.

At 24, Tommy had still not discovered what he wanted to do with his life. Fortunately, a simple tweet on March 4th, 2012, introduced him to his destiny. The tweet explained how to make money through CPA marketing. All he needed to do was sign up for a free trial and work to market and generate leads. The job also involved creating content and reverse marketing on craigslist. He gladly embraced the opportunity and could sometimes work 18-20 hours a day. Essentially, he could now comfortably put food on the table.  

Though a demanding job, Tommy loved it. He did not mind the long hours and often rejected other job offers. Tommy was not ready to listen to his friends' advice to get a regular job. He was now making money on his own doing what he loved.

His desire to grow and learn more about e-commerce led to him discovering another thriving online business stream: dropshipping through eBay. A fast learner, Tommy quickly learned and understood how it worked and was soon in business. Through trial and error and consultation with experts in the industry, his unique way of doing business saw him set out on a decent run. In a few months, he was the one teaching others the tricks of the trade.

Today, Automation Empire is a fast-rising company that employs over 200 people. They have revolutionized an industry that has only existed for four years, helping thousands of entrepreneurs create a passive income.

To Tommy, it remains his priority to continue making money at the service of others, not at their expense.

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