Best Smart Home Devices and What New Home Buyers Really Want
(Photo : Best Smart Home Devices and What New Home Buyers Really Want)

The use of Smart Home Devices has become trendy because many homeowners are prioritizing the need to smarten their homes with the right smart home gadgets. The concept of smart home devices is to be able to control several systems you have installed at home with your smartphone even when you are not at home. Similarly, you can set different smart home devices to work together and make your home feel like a modern abode. 

Smart home device is the modern approach to life. They help home buyers make better choices of convenience and automation for their homes. With the numerous options of technology today, you need a realtor who is knowledgeable about smart home devices. 

A good realtor must be able to make customers understand how some technologies work, and how the features are the major determinant. Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts is a fast-growing team of professionals that has helped homes with smart home technology. 

Two types of Smart Home Devices you can install

There are two sets of smart home devices you can get for your house. If you do not plan to spend heavily on your smart home journey, you can install smart plugs, smart lights, and smart speakers. Also, they are good suggestions to begin with since they are easy to install. 

However, if you can afford to spend big on your home devices, you can get the best home security cameras, video doorbells, or smart locks for your home security. You can consider the best smart thermostats to cool or heat your home. However, this may need to be installed by an expert. 

Top Smart Home devices you should consider

1. Philips Hue 

Philips Hue is a top-rated technology for your smart home device. It uses any of the smart voice assistance like Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant. Philips Hue is a great smart light bulb to fix in your home. You only need to replace your old bulbs with Philips Hue to install them. 

Instead of bulbs, you can choose an LED table, wall lights, light bars, and light strips, and ceiling pendants. 


  • Very easy to install 

  • You can integrate Alexa, Homekit, and Google Assistant 

  • Wide range of lamps, bulbs, and exterior lights 


  • It is the not affordable 

  • You need a hub if you want to control it while not at home 

2. Amazon Echo Studio 

Amazon is a top-market and reliable smart speaker. It is the most famous speaker in the US market in 2021. You do not need a hub to install or use it. One would have thought it was impossible to have a smart speaker that sounds perfect. 

 Amazon Echo Studio is a combination of both features. You can connect it to thousands of other smart home devices. You can also connect it with your Amazon Fire TV to enjoy the more explosive sound.


  • More affordable than Google or Apple speakers 

  • It uses Dolby Atmos sound 

  • New Alexa features are present 


  • The echo is larger above the average echo 

3. Arlo Pro 4 

The famous choice is not expensive even though its work is impressive. You can directly connect it to Wi-Fi. Also, you can integrate Google Assistant and Alexa into the system. However, the HomeKit support needs the base station. 

Its recording is detailed and clear on both nights and days. It also includes features like motion tracking, and automatic zooming to prevent intruders into your home. 


  • Detailed and Clear footage at all times 

  • Motion tracking and automatic zooming 

  • Integration of Google Assistant and Alexa 


  • You need a subscription to enjoy its full usefulness 

  • HomeKit support needs an additional Hub


Jerry Pinkas is out to make the life of homeowners easier and more comfortable. The world has grown into a digital world that uses digital devices like thermostats to adjust temperature over the internet, control home lights, lock doors and windows with remote, or automate garage doors. You can take the video commercials of using a doorbell or more to video chat a visitor into reality. Reach out to Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts today to explore the possibility of a smarter living.

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