10 Morning Routines for a Healthier You
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1. Take a Few Moments for Yourself

It can be easy to get caught up in what is demanded of you for the day as soon as you're awake. Sometimes it feels like there won't possibly be enough minutes in the day for everything that you have to do.

However, it's important to take a couple of minutes just for yourself. Take this opportunity to Center yourself by doing something you enjoy, and that's all about you, whether it's looking out at your garden, watering the houseplants, meditating, or practicing some positive visualization exercises.

2. Make a Plan

When you're trying to decide what to do during the day, it can be very easy to lose track of what's most important. It can also be overwhelming to think about everything that needs to be done, which can stress you out.

Making a plan for your day is a great way to minimize stress while ensuring that you get the most important things done. Make a list of everything you'd like to do, and then prioritize the items on the list by what absolutely needs to get done and what's just hopeful thinking.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors

A little bit of fresh air and a glimpse of nature can be very soothing and relaxing. It can help to center you for the rest of the day. It's a great idea to make time in the morning to take in a bit of the fresh morning air and enjoy the birds singing before you settle into the rush and bustle of your daily life.

4. Perform Some Active Stretching

Stretching is a great way to limber yourself up for the day's physical challenges and work out the stiffness and kinks of the night. When performed regularly, active stretching can make you more limber, reducing the possibility of a pulled muscle and stiffness throughout the day. It doesn't take very long, but it can make a big difference in how you feel throughout the day and improve your overall health.

5. Eat Something Healthy for Breakfast

You've probably been told that getting a good breakfast is important since you were little, but it turns out that eating a healthy breakfast really is important for your health. Breakfast provides the energy you need to get started on your day and replenishes calcium and protein that you have used up during the night.

6. Enjoy Some Music

Many of us take time in the morning to get our daily dose of news, but all too often this can cause stress and anxiety before you've even begun to take on the day's challenges. Instead of listening to a news podcast or cable program, consider putting on some music. Music can get you in the right mood for the day.

7. Drink Lemon Water

You become dehydrated overnight, which means that drinking plenty of water first thing in the morning is a very good idea. Lemon water can help to get things moving, which can reduce constipation and prevent you from feeling stuffed up for the rest of the day.

8. Make time for a Little Bit Of Exercise

You may not have time for a full-on workout first thing in the morning, but getting in some exercise is a great way to start the day. You may be less likely to indulge in unhealthy but tempting breakfast options when you start the day with some exercise. Furthermore, exercise can get your heart pounding and your brain working to help you do better throughout the day.

9. Don't Hit the Snooze Button

An extra few minutes to sleep when you are groggy in the morning can feel like a luxury, but you may actually be doing harm. You won't really be getting any beneficial sleep in these extra minutes since you won't have time to go into a REM cycle.

However, by setting your alarm too early, you may be interrupting a valuable REM cycle. It's much better to set your alarm at the time that you actually need to get up.

10. Turn Everyday Morning Rituals Into Meditation

You probably don't think much at all about brushing your teeth and face, brewing coffee, or making toast. In fact, you may hardly be aware of performing these everyday activities as you think about the day ahead or muse on the night before. However, by turning everyday morning rituals into an opportunity for meditation, you can center yourself before your day gets started without taking any extra time out of your day.

Enjoy a Healthier Morning

Being mindful about what you do every morning sets you up for a healthier day and can lead to a healthier life. Even though you may not be a morning person, take some time to establish healthy routines for your morning. Your health will benefit.

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