Michael Ede, Inspiring People to Become Entrepreneurs
(Photo : Michael Ede, Inspiring People to Become Entrepreneurs)

The world consists of different kinds of people, some who follow the road that others have created and some who challenge themselves and pave new roads. While there is no harm in playing safe and working a normal job, there is a whole lot of thrill and excitement that a person living a mediocre life is missing out on.

Serial entrepreneur and management specialist Michael Ede is a dynamic personality who has owned being an entrepreneur and inspires others to do the same too. He uses his knowledge and skills to create new opportunities and efficiently uses his company, "Uplift11," to grow his brand. In addition to this, Ede uses his extensive business knowledge to consult and assist his clients with their growth.

The Journey Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

Like others, Michael Ede, too, worked at different companies and organisations before realising and recognising his strength. Ede has had a 16-year long career working as an investor and project manager. He has worked as a project manager with financial institutions, biopharmaceuticals, and consulting firms during his career. The list of firms and companies he has worked with is extensive, and it even includes names such as HSBC, Barclays, Bank of Ireland, and AstraZeneca. His experience in the field has led to him having incredible insight into how to properly consult a company and how to manage a project. Michael gained tons of experience working for all these different companies.

"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen". - Scott Belsky

A mind full of ideas and a heart full of desires, Michael Ede, had decided to live an extraordinary life. The exposure and experience that Michael Ede gained in his career led him to lay the foundation for Maigmike Consulting. They use the insight of its CEO and employees to truly provide modern-day solutions and insight to businesses who seek their support; Michael Ede serves as its CEO. With the knowledge and experience that Michael Ede has had in the field, he also develops business strategies. His strategies assist businesses facing organisational challenges; it also offers them training and consulting services.

As of 2021, Michael Ede serves as the Director of Training and Development at Brighter Connect. He also brings to companies in the private or public sector and governmental agencies insights and training that can be used for their growth.

Determined to Succeed


"If you have discipline, drive, and determination; nothing is impossible" - Dana Linn Bailey


One of the most important character traits of an entrepreneur is determination. People who want to do or start something on their own are driven to meet all sorts of challenges.

Most recently, in September of 2020, Michael Ede founded Uplift11 under his current company Maigmike Consulting. Uplift11 is a sports talent management agency that works both with up-and-coming talent as well as experienced talent. It currently represents football athletes such as Tonći Kukoč, Lugiani Gallardo, Lewis Horner, and Charlevy Mabiala. In addition to sportsmen, the company also represents coaches such as Emanuele Ferraro and Sergey Matveyev.

As CEO of Uplift11, Michael Ede also boasts many qualifications that make him perfect for the role. These include the Football Agent Pro certification, the S4 Scouting Professional Football Recruitment, and Players Scouting Level 1 Training. He is also a multidisciplinary and FA-licensed football intermediary. Pairing all of these with his previous experience in business and consulting and his uncanny attentiveness and focus-driven mindset, he prioritises and negotiates contracts that can ensure long-term sustainable success for his clients. All of this has made Uplift11 one of the most exciting and fastest-growing sports talent management agencies in the UK, and with Michael Ede's assistance, the company is sure to keep growing and fast.

Today, Michael Ede is a known name in the entrepreneurial society with many accomplishments under his belt. With more than a decade of working experience and relentless hard work, Ede has managed to establish his name in the industry and make his business reach new heights of success.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way"

Michael Ede is exactly like one of those personalities who lead, guide, and motivate the upcoming generations to find their passion and work for it!

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