Bhaskar Ahuja on why smart automation is a game-changer for empowering small and medium enterprises with their product transparency
(Photo : Bhaskar Ahuja on why smart automation is a game-changer for empowering small and medium enterprises with their product transparency)

It is now a well-known  fact that small and medium-sized enterprises constitute the backbone of the American economy. The so-called SMEs grow dynamically, pay higher wages, and help to create jobs and new spaces for businesses. All in all, they are crucial players in economic growth. SMEs account for nearly two-thirds of net new private sector jobs, in recent decades, and contract roughly 28 million American jobs. In order to thrive and access global marketplaces, SMEs need to actively participate in the digital trade market and they also need to receive help with streamlining complex technical and administrative barriers that block their development.

Bhaskar Ahuja, a product development expert who specializes in product management for technology startups, discusses the importance of product transparency and how it can be achieved through automation. 

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer

As a passionate entrepreneur, Bhaskar has been involved with several start-up ventures, ranging from technology to brick and mortar shops and even e-commerce. His exceptional project management experience, derived from working on large-scale technology projects at a young age, has placed Bhaskar in a leading position in this field. While completing his Bachelor's degree in engineering, Bhaskar was already leaps and bounds ahead of his fellow classmates as he launched his first venture. From the get-go, his ideas were aimed at introducing a meaningful real-life change and he was passionate about enabling non-tech founders to bring their products to the market. He quickly recognized that in order to succeed, product makers have to continuously adjust to the fast-paced environment, put their customers' needs first and swiftly respond to the rapidly evolving customer profile. The remaining dilemma was how to accomplish that.

As a man of action and a fan of simple solutions, Bhaskar has always believed in honesty and transparency. For this reason, he decided to focus his entrepreneurial efforts on product transparency in hopes of satisfying the needs of a modern client, who is no longer just a recipient of services, but rather a partner in the creation process.

I believe everyone has the right to know what they are consuming, and one can no longer rely on tall marketing claims or shiny labels. It is clearly reflected in the changing consumer buying patterns. Today's consumers want to know where their products are coming from, what they contain, how they were made, and much more - Bhaskar states.

What difference does product transparency make?

To make a long story short: product transparency gives customers the option to make informed choices about what they buy. Over time, people have gotten tired of aggressive consumerism and marketing slogans of "cheaper", "faster" or "bigger" being shoved in their faces. We have matured as consumers and have become aware of corporate marketing tricks that rarely have clients' best interest at heart. 

The alternative comes from small and medium-sized enterprises, and that is honesty. Being open about the entire lifecycle of a given product wins customers' trust and creates long-term bonds, which prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. What seems quite radical today, will be as common as corporate sustainability reporting and nutrition information in just a few short years. Product transparency aims at allowing consumers to collect all of the information necessary to make a wise judgment about the product and the impact their purchase will have.

As an eager supporter of this trend, Bhaskar Ahuja decided to help the SMEs out and built a one-of-a-kind cloud-based SaaS platform for small and medium manufacturers experiencing growth. Setting empowerment as its primary mission, Bhaskar's company Originscale focuses on enabling brands to simplify their day-to-day operations through smart automation, simplified manufacturing, multi-channel sales fulfillment, complete traceability, and enhanced customer engagement. Thanks to a sharp focus on direct customer engagement, Originscale provides a revolutionary and holistic approach to product transparency that has never been seen before. 

Smart automation for better product transparency

Automation has a tremendous impact on transparency, as customers can access real-time information about the stage of their product. Automated operations introduce a fast-paced informational flow, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Finally, companies can place their clients in the heart of the product development process and enrich products with digital intelligence based on their actual customer needs. New-age product development specialists like Bhaskar Ahuja put their trust in technology and are confident that product transparency will set more complete customer satisfaction as a future standard.

As for products and services, we are standing at the threshold of revolution. Automation is by far the most effective tool to build a transparent culture and the best solution for flawless and satisfactory customer experience - he concludes.

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