The Cryptocurrency Boom: Are you missing out?
(Photo : The Cryptocurrency Boom: Are you missing out?)

Cryptocurrencies were first introduced with the inception of Bitcoin back in 2009. These are a digital form of currencies that can be used to purchase or sell assets, much like regular currencies. Since its introduction, various new coins have been introduced in the markets due to the increasing benefits. Traders are now profiting from the cryptocurrency boom through multiple algorithms, mining opportunities, and manual trading.

What are the advantages of cryptocurrencies?

There are many benefits to trade cryptos. Let us discuss a few of them in detail:

●       Price movements. There is a good amount of volatility available to those who trade cryptos. Traders can benefit from trading both on the long and short sides.

●       Transparency. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, and there is no way to hold it physically. All the ongoing internal transfers are made public through the ledger, making it nearly impossible to cheat the system.

●       Fees. The trading and transfer fees in notable cryptos such as Bitcoin and Etherium are considerably less. These costs, if high, can consume much of your profits if you're using high-frequency trading models. Cryptocurrency offers the added benefits of employing this type of trading.

●       Diversity. Investing in cryptocurrencies can allow you to diversify your trading portfolio. Traders can choose to invest for the short and long term.

●       Instruments. There are hundreds and thousands of cryptocurrencies available online from which traders can choose. Xtrade's Modern Trading Platform hosts many cryptocurrencies.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

Traders can trade cryptos using specific brokers. The companies offering these assets may differ in trading costs, execution speeds, customer support, deposit, and withdrawal methods.

Using three simple steps, you can start trading:

1.    Find a suitable broker that matches your trading needs

2.    Sign up using your email and password. Prove your identity if required by the broker

3.    Deposit the amount you desire and start trading

What else should you know about cryptocurrencies?

There are many terminologies that regular traders should know when they are jumping from other markets to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Much like a regular cash-keeping option, a crypto wallet stores all your digital coins. Traders can choose to keep their coins in a more safe hardware wallet which keeps all of your crypto keys away from hackers. Hosted and non-custodial wallets are available online and offered by many brokers.


Cryptocurrency mining has been a huge trend in recent days as the value of the coins went up. In mining, traders are awarded for solving complex mathematical problems using their GPUs and ASICs. Depending on the power of the hardware and the difficulty, the profitability can increase or decrease.

Popular strategies to trade cryptocurrencies

Like regular financial markets, traders can trade cryptocurrencies using traditional methods involving algorithms, price action, etc. Traders are seen employing arbitrage expert advisors to capitalize on the difference in price feed amongst various brokers.

Fundamentals can also play an important role sometimes. An investment from the billionaire or a ban on the major coin can significantly bring the value up or down..

The Cryptocurrency Boom: Are you missing out?

Image 1. The chart shows that the trader has employed a moving average with periods 50 and 200. Technical indicators are one of the common methods to judge the future of the price.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the common places to trade the digits assets. Many companies offer competitive pricing, great platforms, low deposit requirements, etc., to attract customers. Xtrade is one of the reputable crypto brokers in the market.

As there is no governing body over cryptocurrencies, it is nearly impossible to have any disruptions. All the transactions are available on the network, and every trader can witness them firsthand.

What are the recent advancements in crypto technology?

There are some notable advancements to trading cryptocurrencies that should be taken into account. Some of them are as follows:

●      Adaptation. More businesses are moving forward to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Investors can make deposits in their trading accounts and withdraw using the same directly into crypto wallets.

●      Regulation. Cryptocurrency exchanges are subjected to regulations to make them safer for all investors. As more layers of security are added the digital asset will become one of the safest investments in the financial markets.

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