Amazon's Just Walk Out technology with the "Amazon One," and "Amazon Go" feature is coming to Washington D.C. and California's Whole Foods store in 2022. The venture is part of expanding the feature among users of the platform, offering a seamless and cashless checkout when going in and out to get the essentials. 

Last August, users have been asked to provide their palm print biometrics in exchange for $10 worth of in-store credit at a store that supports Amazon One or Just Walk Out. The technology is aiming to expand and provide more branches for people to enjoy the cashier-less experience, without the hassle of queuing up and waiting.

Amazon Just Walk Out Coming to Washington, California in 2022

Amazon Just Walk Out
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Amazon is expanding its Just Walk Out technology after centering its ventures in Seattle for the extent of its initial releases and availability to the public. According to the e-commerce company, the expansion has targets in different locations where there are Whole Foods stores, and it would be available for everyone. 

The venture would focus on Washington D.C. and Sherman Oaks, California, which have the popular grocery store up and running already. 

Amazon would only need to integrate its Amazon One technology, and the venture would be good to go. However, the company said that the venture would come to these branches by 2022. 

The e-commerce company has focused its ventures on creating several branches for its self-checkout stores, and it has centered on the state of Washington where Amazon is based. The venture is aiming to bring autonomy to the store, something which would have been a massive need amidst this pandemic.

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Amazon One Payment

Amazon Go
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Palm print biometrics technology for payment may sound a bit vague, but it is something that Amazon has propriety over, as they are the ones that utilized it. Instead of a separate card or using one's smartphone for the venture, the company focused on biometrics to make Amazon One work for anyone.

Users only need to create an account via Amazon One and link their credit cards or preferred payment methods, which the service recognizes for this. Either a "Just Walk Out" technology or a palm print scanner would be a massive change in the way a person would go to a store and shop for needs and wants.

Cashierless Whole Foods

Grocery Store
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Queuing up and waiting for the cashier to finish may be troublesome or time demanding for people, and a lot going on with regards to the checkout line. Good thing is that Whole Foods would soon ditch these lines and counters in favor of a self-checkout. 

However, the public is still waiting on Amazon for this, as it is not yet well distributed to Whole Foods across the country. 

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