Meet Maher Alkhawndi, taking over the world of entrepreneurship as a true blue professional, engineer, and computer expert.
(Photo : Meet Maher Alkhawndi, taking over the world of entrepreneurship as a true blue professional, engineer, and computer expert.)

His passion, combined with his determination and courage, have led him to the forefront of the marketing and strategy development niches.

Isn't it wondrous to know and learn about all those individuals from across different fields and sectors of the world who work towards attaining excellence before blindly running behind their desired success? Well, the world has noticed the rise of many young talented beings, who have emerged as modern-day professionals and entrepreneurs of their respective industries and have made sure to put every possible effort to take those industries to the next level by utilizing every opportunity present and even by creating newer ones for them. The technological world has been on a constant rise, especially from the last few years, and it is also imperative to notice that it is due to the relentless hard work and drive of many such young professionals, who worked their way to the top with the bigger aim to do something different and provide more value to people. We came across one such high-performing entrepreneur and professional in the IT world who believed in his visions and thus went ahead in fulfilling the same as an ace engineer and computer expert; he is Maher Alkhawndi.

Who is Maher Alkhawndi, you wonder? Well, this young man based in Dubai confesses that from a very early age, he was attracted to the idea to create something of his own, a name or a brand that could help him create his unique niche in the business world. As he grew up, he noticed the exponential rise of the technological world and the digital wave taking over almost all industries. He showed an inclination towards jumping into the industry and hone his skills in the sector. For that, Maher studied computer engineering at the American University of London.

Working around his skills, expanding his knowledge, and making sure to learn something new each day, all of this helped him become the young and successful entrepreneur he is today, apart from being a known computer expert. Since then, Maher Alkhawndi has been leaving no stone unturned to provide the best services in the niches of marketing and strategy development for online businesses. As a result, Maher Alkhawndi has earned a unique name for himself in just a few short years, not just as an entrepreneur but also as a motivator and innovator.

As a young entrepreneur, he has to his credit a few companies, which includes Mamac Group, Jazly, Haamapp, and Cazymedia. All these firms relate to the mobile and web development sector that is founded with the aim to provide top-notch marketing solutions to clients. The companies truly exude this astute professional's passion and hard work, whose sole motive is to create a positive difference in the tech world and provide value to clients. The four companies under his able leadership have been emerging as robust firms that are driven to help new online businesses set their feet in the markets and gain the momentum and growth they seek.

Maher Alkhawndi stands apart from others in the industry for his keen focus on always delivering beyond expectations and providing clients with services like digital marketing strategies, SMS and email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app and website, and UI & UX development. Maher, who is also Google certified for analytics study, highlights that the world today is all about embracing the digital space. He explains that more and more companies and brands must adapt to these technological advances and digital tools and strategies as that will help them walk in sync with the changing times of the world.

Providing digital marketing strategies to newer businesses, giving them modern-day digital solutions to deal with their modern-day problems has now become a way of life for Maher Alkhawndi and his team of professionals. Creating and curating creative marketing solutions is at the core of his business ventures that make sure to help clients gain visibility, reach and presence online.

Maher Alkhawndi has gone beyond just being an entrepreneur. He loves to share his experiences with others to motivate them and does a lot of public talks, helping people navigate their way to the top with his useful advice to grow and profit in their businesses.

To know more about him, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram @maher.

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