Ishraq Khan, Revolutionizing the Programming Scene in 2021
(Photo : Ishraq Khan, Revolutionizing the Programming Scene in 2021)

Ishraq Khan is a 17 years old high schooler from Florida, US, and the young and enthusiastic CEO of Kodezi, Grammarly for Coding. The online tech community regards him as a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, tech geek, and programming connoisseur. Currently enrolled in the IB Program at Seminole High School in Florida, Ishraq is a diehard technology and a computer science geek. Even before stepping into his twenties, he views Cyber Security and Machine learning as his potential career. He regards his sheer passion for coding, innovation, machine learning, and AI as the reasons for this radical yet rational choice. 


Ishraq was born in Bangladesh. He and his family moved to the States when he was 11. From an early age, programming fascinated him regardless he grew up in a small town with limited access to technology. The finances of his family were also tight since they did not make a lot of money. It further made the situation pretty challenging for him as he also had to keep an eye out for the monetary well-being of himself and his family.    

Early Childhood

Despite limited options, he became fascinated with technology and created his first website when he was 10. At that time, he was merely in 5th grade, but the website he built was not an automated one from Weebly. It was built from scratch and had all the latest options and sophistication. He started teaching himself programming at quite an early age, and by the time he was 13, he had already learned to code in Java, HTML, and Python and was getting good at them with every passing day and every iteration. Having to learn programming from lengthy books was a challenge growing up. The limited access to some fancy coaching and high-end tech gadgets made it even worse. 

Keen Interest in Cyber Security and Machine Learning

Cyber security has always intrigued him due to his sheer interest in learning about systems security. He used to keep tabs on the news, hearing about how accounts of big companies get breached. It made him want to learn how to prevent such situations from occurring in the future. As a young boy, he vividly remembers the PayPal account of his dad getting hacked, and to this day, he remembers how frustrated he felt at that time. With time he got so good at all this that he secured top positions in several contests' country wide and globally like 3rd place in Information Technology Concepts, 1st place in Java Programming Concepts nationally for Business Professionals Of America, He has also been the national finalist for Digital Media Production-Nationals in 2020, as well as being a national finalist for Google's Hackathon in 2019. 

Improving Security Flaws of His School

As Ishraq delved deeper into investigating the vulnerabilities in systems that allowed people to breach them, he became knowledgeable to the point that he could help users prevent such harms. He learned about SQL injections, penetration testing, and account vulnerabilities. The more he learned about them the more intrigued he got. In sixth grade, he emailed the system administrators of his school and told them about the multiple Ecampus vulnerabilities he found, cluing them in to fix them from the root. Additionally, he gave them a step-by-step process for solving those issues. They did implement that process and appreciated him for that. 

Intricate Questions With the Cable Guy

Ishraq recalls the day when a BrightHouse Cable person came to fix their network, and he asked him an intricate question about network security. He was only maybe 13. The cable guy wondered how in the world he knew all that since Ishraq was asking questions only his co-workers would have a bit of information about. The questions were about port forwarding and having a backdoor port to route a static IP address to a dynamic IP address enabling him to test his network security. The guy answered and showed him how to do it, not before Ishraq told him that he had already tried that same method, and it didn't work. 

That Call to BrightHouse Connections!

His curiosity about cyber security didn't always end well. One day, he was experimenting with his network and firewalls, and it disconnected the network completely from the BrightHouse connections. He contacted their customer service who had no idea about what was wrong. As they walked him through their boring troubleshooting tips, he knew that was all they were qualified to do, and that the conversation wouldn't result in a solution. In the end, he asked them to transfer him to their floor supervisor, which they did. Shortly after he told the supervisor what he did and what he needed to do remotely from the admin panel to fix his network. 

Sending Security Updates and Tips to Companies

Moreover, he used to send monthly emails to his various companies informing them about the nitty-gritty stuff in their system and what needed to be fixed. His interest in machine learning developed after taking up a course in it and appearing in its formal exam. He invested quite a lot of time in it and even received an internship offer in machine learning involving the diagnosis of liver diseases from different types of analysis. He has even worked under the shadow of Dr. Atiq, a renowned gastrologist and professor at UCF. 

Revolutionizing Code Debugging; Grammarly for Programmers

His interest in machine learning grew tremendously as he wondered if Grammarly was made with machine learning? He wanted to see if there exists a Grammarly for programmers as well but there wasn't. That was the voila moment for him. as he then used his machine learning knowledge and expertise to create something that could function as Grammarly for programmers, hence he founded Kodezi. It is a platform where programming enthusiasts, students, and experts can interact with one another and share their knowledge and tips, hence getting programming solutions and tutorials without having to wait for days or even hours. His startup has also been recognized as one of top 10 leading EdTech Startups in Florida by Crunchbase.

Looking Forward

His passion and a keen interest in computers made him skim through every platform that could help him learn a thing or two in this regard. He still recalls watching YouTube videos day and night learning about programming and cyber security. In the future, he plans to further revolutionize the field with his innovations and out-of-the-box approach.

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