Successful Entrepreneur Kyle Chasse On What Inspired Him To Invest In Crypto In 2013
(Photo : Successful Entrepreneur Kyle Chasse On What Inspired Him To Invest In Crypto In 2013)

Kyle Chasse started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 and has shown immense professional and financial growth since then. In 2013, he sold his company and started investing in cryptocurrency when it wasn't that popular. Kyle's decision to invest so early in crypto made him financially stable at the age of 31, and his companies are also doing quite well since then.

Chasse hails from California's Ventura and had never filled a University form. He never wanted to spend time attending a university; instead travel the entire world. Since 2013, Kyle has done everything - investing, advising, incubating, speaking at conferences, etc.

When asked what inspired him to start such an early crypto investment, entrepreneur Kyle Chasse reveals, "When Wikileaks attempted to leak material responsibly in 2013, every payment gateway was warned not to send any money to Wikileaks as a donation. They couldn't pay their bills or gather new donations because they didn't have a mechanism. That's when they started accepting bitcoins as a form of payment, which was incredible. When America began to embrace bitcoin, I realised that this was the instrument that revolutionaries needed. After all, I went all-in on bitcoin and became obsessed with its adoption. In this space, I began to construct a variety of items."

Kyle Chasse began to open his imagination to various options and design decentralised solutions to replace the current centralised systems. After selling his company, 'Reverse Aging Institute,' Kyle became financially independent in 2016 and was confident that he would never have to work again in his life.

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