Key Terms

Steel Casting - It is a metal component that is formed by pouring molten steel into a mold cavity, which solidifies when it cools.

Business Intelligence - A technical as well as a systematic infrastructure to collect, store, and analyze the data that comes from the activities of a company.


Business Intelligence encompasses several strategies as well as various technologies that a firm implements on the basis of data analysis and business information collected and stored from different business operations and activities. By keeping an eye on the historical, current, and predictive business operations, business intelligence helps in taking decisions on the technologies that a business has had in the past, is already equipped with, or will need in the future to further improve its business operations and, thus, productivity.

Business Intelligence Helps Improve Steel Casting
(Photo : Business Intelligence Helps Improve Steel Casting)

This business intelligence includes analysis of various processes going on in the manufacturing of a product, benchmarking its quality, performance, and productivity, data mining along with descriptive analysis. Business intelligence has a broad scope and can be helpful in every small or big business. Let's say that it be manufacturing a product or delivering a service, business intelligence has a big hand in it. Steel casting is also one of such businesses and is used in several other businesses as well. This may include marine equipment, forging presses, valve bodies, railroad truck frames, gears, hydroelectric turbine wheels, pump casings, mining machinery, turbocharger turbines, and engine cylinder blocks. Thus, business intelligence is also valuable in investment casting.

Significance of Steel Casting

Steel casting is used for a variety of reasons, particularly when other castings such as iron casting do not have adequate strength as well as resistance to shock. It is because the physical properties of steel make it more ductile and stronger, which results in making steel extremely tough. This also reduces the likelihood of fracturing under pressure. Steel casting is a tremendous solution for weldability and corrosion resistance issues as well. This signifies how useful steel casting is in business.

How Business Intelligence Helps Improve Steel Casting?

  • In Different Process

Since business intelligence is all about data collection and analysis, it can be used in the steel casting process too. It can be used in several ways, such as measuring furnace temperature, melting points, delays in the cooling, timing of the whole process, measuring the changes by replacing an old or adopting a new technology, furnace charging, heat treatment such as annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, and stress relieving.

  • In Different Challenges

It is also helpful to know what challenges have been faced until now, what current problems in the process labor force and customers are facing, and what anticipated challenges are. This helps to evaluate how problems faced in the past were resolved and if they remained fruitful in overcoming the challenges. If not, what are the alternatives available, and if the chosen alternative proves to be useful, will utilizing it for anticipated issues be helpful?

  • In Business Competition

Business intelligence is of core significance when it comes to keeping an eye on competitors. It is useful in exploring what key strategies they are implementing, what latest technologies that they are adopting, what challenges they are facing, and what opportunities they are exploiting for the steel casting process and manufacturing the products in which steel casting is used.

  • In Heat & Chemical Analysis or Productivity

Business intelligence can also help in improving the steel casting business by analyzing heat and chemical analysis of the process, which is very significant in this process. The quality, thickness, performance, productivity, hardness, bending and impacting properties, the final look, and appearance of a product is all dependent on the chemical composition as well as on the temperature of heat it is treated with.


Various industries use steel casting. Let's say it's food processing or electronics, oil or gas, etc. But particularly, steel casting is used in the railroad, construction, drilling, transportation, and mining industries. This is why business intelligence, a current buzz in businesses around the world, is essential for many of their short and long processes to improve the performance and productivity of the business and maintain a high-quality product to deliver the promising products to their customers.

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