One of the best Samsung SSDs in the market at the moment is currently on sale on Amazon. You can now purchase the Samsung 980 Pro, which is one of the top-notch solid-state drives.

This solid pick could be the answer to your storage problems thanks to the latest SSD deals for this week.

SSD Deals: Grab Samsung 980 Pro Now in Amazon

SSD Deals: 1TB Samsung 980 Pro is Sale on Amazon For Only $189.99
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Looking for a good SSD for your PC or PS5? Amazon is now offering a huge sale for Samsung 980 Pro 1TB right now!

On Friday, Sept.17, Techradar spotted a special sale for the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro.

The hardware has experienced a noticeable price drop ahead of many tech deals for this year.

For those who missed buying SSDs before, now is the opportunity to get the slightly-discounted Samsung SSD. We expect that the major sale could go on in the succeeding weeks until the Black Friday Sale on Nov.26.

Next month, we assume that you could look for other SSD brands besides the existing item on the list.

Why Samsung 980 Pro SSD is So Good For its Price

The era of hard drives is still far from over, but people nowadays want to incorporate HDDs with SSDs.

If you are regularly using a PS5 or PC, you might want to have a powerful solid-state drive to back up your files-- and for faster boot-up.

During Amazon Prime Day, many SSDs appeared to be more pricey than Samsung's SSD. This time, we haven't seen any products that could match its low price.

SSD deals are going on and off, and this is the reason why we recommend you to get one before it's too late.

If you still have no idea about the capability of the Samsung 980 Pro, here's how it performs.

Since this is a fourth-generation SSD, you will have no problem loading your files or games for up to 7000mb/s. The standard SATA SSD is slower since the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro is 13 times faster than it.

Just a reminder for those who plan to purchase it: make sure that you have an extra slot in your motherboard for the PCIe M.2.

In some ways, PS5 users should also take note that heatsink installation is important if you have a slot for PS5 SSD. There are times that its temperature could exceed the normal levels, and that's bad for your gaming console.

As a solution, Amazon also offers cheap heat sinks at a reasonable price.

Hover over this list for more details.

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Other SSD Deals on Amazon

Besides Samsung 980 Pro, Crucial P5 Plus 1B and WD Black SN 850 1TB are also on sale at $179.99.

Last June, we reported that there was a huge SSD deal involving the most popular computer hardware brands.

Among the SSDs that were on discounted sale at that time were Western Digital Black SN750 1TB, Seagate Barracuda 510 1TB, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME, and Western Digital Blue 4TB 2.5" with 3D-NAND.

For those who want to purchase a good SSD for their PS5s, you can refer to this short guide that will teach you how to find the right NVMe M.2 drive.

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