A New Generation of Fantasy Gaming With Champions Round
(Photo : A New Generation of Fantasy Gaming With Champions Round)

The sports entertainment space is evolving - and some of the best minds in the tech industry are working to build the future of fantasy sports & sports gaming. Champions Round is leading the charge by focusing on short-form game modes that appeal to a new generation of sports fans. Champions Round is pioneering Micro Fantasy Sports, a new vertical that breaks fantasy sports seasons into 4-6 week rounds, creating greater replayability amongst groups of friends to engage with sports all year long. Champions Round will also operate simple live-action Esports games aimed at expanding Esports viewership to the masses. Users can compete with their friends, play to win money, progress, and level up, all while deemphasizing high stakes betting in favor of reconnecting and rewarding fans.

Jumping into the fantasy gaming startup space in 2018, Champions Round was inspired to continue the fun and excitement millions of people enjoy during the Fantasy Football season. Season-long fantasy connects friends only once a year, while daily fantasy presents a solo experience where the vast majority of players end up losing money. Realizing the prime motivation for playing fantasy sports was for fans and friends to connect, Champions Round developed Micro Fantasy to emphasize just that.

"Products today have moved too far into the betting arena while failing to capture the main draw to fantasy sports: Playing with our friends. At the end of the day, the community is what sports are all about. Our micro-game modes beacon for you and your friends to come to play together, again and again."

Champions Round has been a hit with younger players under the age of 24, who have taken to shorter game modes. The app skyrocketed to #6 on the App Store and has received celebrity backing from Baron Davis, Kammron Taylor, and others.

Champions Round co-founder and CEO Carter Russ have a long successful history of working in startups, while co-founder and CPO Chase Payne hails from the mobile games space working for Zynga Games. Together they bring a wealth of technological expertise and forward-thinking to the company. The company has raised an impressive $3 million in seed funding and went live just a few weeks ago.  Currently, they offer NFL and NBA fantasy games on the app, and gamers can play in public or private leagues. They have the option to play for free or pay $2, $5, or $10 apiece to compete in a winner-takes-all format.  The app sustains the excitement often lost throughout a season-long game, especially if your team does not perform well, all while providing more chances to win. Check out Champions Round for yourself, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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