Crypto Whale 'Confirms' Bear Market Says Won't Buy Until $10K Price Range
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Crypto Whale 'Confirms' Bear Market Says Won't Buy Until $10K Price Range

Not every crypto whale is extremely bullish on Bitcoin. In fact, one of the notable whales on Twitter even shares how he's waiting for the "bear market" to end before he purchases Bitcoin again.

Bitcoin Bear Market

According to Mr. Whale on Twitter, the crypto whale won't be buying Bitcoin until the current Bear market has ended and the price of the crypto asset has reportedly crashed far below the shocking $10,000 range! Although it's hard to believe that the price of Bitcoin would go that low once again, the crypto whale seems to believe that the price would crash "far below the $10,000 range."

Mr. Whale shared that there is actually a lot of perma-bulls that say that in 2022, the price of Bitcoin targets below $7,000 are "too unrealistic and bearish", and to this, the crypto whale notes says that they disagree. Mr. Whale then shared historical evidence where his target price was actually not too far off from what happened to the market.

Mr. Whale Price Predictions

It was noted that Mr. Whale's price target remains over 80% higher compared to the target of last year. This is where the account was extremely bullish at $3,900. The whale then notes that despite him being bearish on Bitcoin, the account is still rooting for everyone despite them disagreeing with their analysis.

Mr. Whale also shared the difference between crypto whales and the "moon boys." According to the crypto whale, whales actually urge people to secure their profits and to manage risks properly. Moon boys, on the other hand, urge people to take out loans and proceed to buy into some type of scam that is at its own peak.

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Mr. Whale Shares Advice

Mr. Whale shares a technique with newer traders or investors, noting that one key thing that people should understand is that the actual markets do not move in a straight line (up or down). 2018 was then referenced, noting that there will still be a lot of green and red days.

Mr. Whale then shares a piece of advice noting that traders and investors should control their emotions and should not give in to FOMO or fear of missing out into the green only to be trapped inside the red markets. Although the opinion on Bitcoin seems to be quite split, there have been numerous analysts making predictions on Cardano, with a number of them bullish about the supposed "ethereum killer."

SundaeSwap is expected to launch on Cardano this coming Q4, 2021, which will reportedly work like PancakeSwap but for Cardano. As of the moment, there are high hopes when it comes to the Cardano ecosystem, and although $ADA is praised publicly, it is also important to understand what the crypto whales think about the upcoming project and if it can really rival Ethereum. Follow the crypto whale movements on WhaleBot Alerts on Telegram.

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